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  1. It appears to be out on nuclearblast's site, though Amazon says it comes out December 1st. And yeah, would be awesome for fans to be able to get their hands on those (I already have both, so would be more interested in bonus stuff, though We Will Take You With Us on Blu Ray would be awesome). I would especially love to see that unreleased Paradiso DVD though.
  2. Did you see this? http://www.nuclearblast.de/en/products/tontraeger/cd/2cd/epica-the-score-2.0-the-epic-journey.html Looks like they are indeed re-releasing The Score. I already have the original, but I would be interested to know what the alternative tracks sound like.
  3. Really happy to hear that Within Temptation isn't going under! Now that I think about it, it was quite the overreaction on my part, so I feel quite silly and foolish. Ah well. Also listened to the single- very interesting! I'm excited to check out more! Is there a release date yet for the full album? I'm sorry to hear she's been having such a difficult time, though I suspected it after Hydra (looking at the lyrics of Dog Days and Tell Me Why to name just two, as I feel as though the whole album had this theme of struggle and fighting off despair and sorrow). I'm glad she's better now though, and that she was able to use her art to help her through the tough times. Also glad she's sharing the songs with us, as that's probably not so easy given how personal they were to her. Excited about both My Indigo and the new Within Temptation, which she said would be coming in 2018, so that's something! I'm curious as to what both the whole of My Indigo and what the new Within Temptation will sound like.
  4. Those are all excellent choices I think! My pick would be Fools of Damnations, but the other two are awesome as well. Really any song that isn't already on Classical Conspiracy, Retrospect, or The Holographic Principle would be wonderful! Of course, I'm still holding out hope that one day Epica and Transmission will work through their differences and release that Paradiso DVD (and that would rule out doing Dance of Fate)...but I know it'll never happen lol.
  5. Very true! There is an important distinction there. I feel a little better now. Thanks!
  6. So I guess on RTL Late Night Sharon announced that she's pursuing a solo project and temporarily stopping WT? I can't find the full interview or statement anywhere, and I've heard conflicting reports that she's doing both the solo project and WT, or just the solo project for now. I love Sharon den Adel and I'll support her solo project, but I am still very worried about the future of WT. If they are on hiatus, I can easily see how 'hiatus' turns into 'disbanding'. If there was a concrete date stated for the new WT album (even if it was just '2019') that would be one thing, but given that there's been virtually no news...I don't know. I'm happy for Sharon that she seems happy and is taking on this new path, but also worried about Within Temptation, and the more pessimistic side of me feels it could be the beginning of the end (and I realize if enough fans say that, it may become a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts, but I can't escape the feeling nonetheless). However, if Within Temptation is being worked on simultaneously with the solo stuff, or if there are concrete plans that Sharon has talked about for WT, then the future is very bright I think. They could even do a thing where Sharon does a solo album in the off years where Within Temptation isn't producing an album. I could see how, creatively, it might work very well for Sharon and potentially for the fans, in that she can experiment more with her solo stuff (like there was experimentation with Hydra in a sense; I personally didn't mind it and I think there are a lot of classic songs on there, but I know some fans did) and then do more symphonic stuff with Within Temptation.
  7. I would love it if they would release a similar EP for TQE. Heck, they should just release an awesome compilation CD of all their bonus material from DYU onwards. But for TQE would be the best since those are the hardest to get (aside from the regular version of Twin Flames that is- because I'm American it's not available on iTunes here). As someone who has pretty much all of Epica's other now-rare material - original copies of both The Phantom Agony and Consign To Oblivion (not as important now with the re-releases), We Will Take You With Us, Road to Paradiso, The Score, The 2-disc limited edition The Divine Conspiracy, the South Korean Design Your Universe with 'Nothing's Wrong' on it, etc.- it would be nice to 'complete' the discography/song catalogue so-to-speak and have the TQE tracks (and regular Twin Flames, even though I think the soundtrack version is better, it's nice to have them all, and I feel like there being less instrumentation on the regular version allows Simone's voice to really take center stage and shine). I think unfortunately though the most we can hope for is a release in 2024 for the tenth anniversary, as that seems to be when most bonus material is released- in 2013 we got the Expanded Edition for The Phantom Agony, in 2015 we got the Expanded Edition for Consign To Oblivion, and now in 2017 we're getting a Divine Conspiracy Anniversary Edition at least in vinyl (or so I saw on nuclearblast's site the other day- I can't find the page now with the track listings but the other day I saw both Replica and Higher High on there). I wish we didn't have to wait so long though. Those TQE tracks are some of their best ever, especially Memento. I was hoping that The Solace System would include those TQE tracks just for the heck of it, especially since the cover design has elements of both TQE and THP, but alas! On iTunes it says it's by Nuclear Blast, so I think it is legit and endorsed by the band. They released it a couple years ago.
  8. I would definitely recommend listening to THP more than only twice. When I first heard it, I didn't like it as much as TQE or TDC (my second and third favorite albums; my all-time favorite is Consign to Oblivion), but upon listening to it a couple times, it's now neck-and-neck with TQE and might be my new second fav. I also don't think it's too similar to TQE. I think it's a good compliment to it thematically but I think they sound quite different. While TQE had homages to CtO in there, I heard at least a bit of TDC in this album- at about 3:15 in The Cosmic Algorithm for example I can hear a bit of Obsessive Devotion (around 3: 48 for comparison) in there, but I might just be hearing things or have a bad ear. THP is def. my favorite album of 2016! Edge of the Blade, Phantasmic Parade, Divide and Conquer, Once Upon a Nightmare, Dancing in a Hurricane, Ascension, and the title track are my favorites (that's like half the album lol). A lot of those (especially Edge of the Blade) I had to listen to more than once to fully appreciate. So yeah, in summary, I would def. recommend listening to THP more than twice (unless you're really not feeling it of course- I don't want folks to listen to something they don't want to lol).