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  1. Speckofdust


    So what there are working on? Lol
  2. Speckofdust


    Band added shows for ther Anniversary of DYU for this Fall : So I doubt that they will release new album this year.... Maybe they not working on it even now.. Fixed link. Serena
  3. Speckofdust

    The Floor thread

    Im not follow and interested in her non music related things...
  4. Speckofdust


    It can be as well new studio album it would be really the unexpected
  5. Speckofdust

    The Marco thread

  6. Speckofdust

    Symphony X

    When will be new album? No info about it... Lol..
  7. Speckofdust

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Is this are song lyrics? if so it doesn't seem to be a repeat of Chorus at all if we can see "Meet me st the hour. . " As chorus...lol
  8. Speckofdust

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    So it seems like everything goes as planned...May of demos then summer camp with arrangements/recording sessions with whole band I wonder if there's gonna be long epic larger than TGSOE ..
  9. Speckofdust

    The Marco thread

    About what? Lol
  10. Speckofdust

    The Marco thread

    Someone published on yt Marko's song in bad quality
  11. Speckofdust

    The Marco thread

    As far as I know its Spring In Poland when we say next summer we think about next year summer...
  12. Speckofdust

    The Marco thread

    Next summer? I thought it will be recorded this summer of 2019...Lol
  13. Speckofdust

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Ok so we have already May ..So this month whole band will gather together to record demos for upcoming album,right??
  14. Speckofdust

    The Marco thread

    So its already May 3rd so why still his single not been released over internet??