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  1. According to this review http://teamrock.com/review/2018-02-23/auri-auri-album-review album will be minimalistic(musically) ; d
  2. This song i would categorize(to a genre) to ambient folk,Chillout folk maybe... or atmospheric? Rune music But pop its not...
  3. No it is a bit maybe more then a bit chaotic song... Anyway not what Tuomas used to write such music... But as this band is work of 3 members so maybe that's the reason.. A mix of Johanna infuence,Troy and poetic Tuomas lyrics..
  4. This song beats even Night 13 in a bad way .... Sadly.. So uncatchy singing with lyrics... A letdown to me... Only music seems much better this time...
  5. With all respect... This band is not innovative... Brings nothing new to metal/symphonic metal scene.. Hearing no uplifting vocal lines... Like it shoud be... I don't get the "ornaments" apearing in the first verses and 2nd with male singing in song Ritual Night.. It not fits... To my opinion... So unnatural,mechanical...
  6. For me this band and aspecially new album songs are nothing spectacular... No stand out stracks ,maybe a title track is just one good song because of its chorus... The singer looks so similar to Dianne... But not even close to her talent.
  7. Removed, the interview was posted on the previous page - WhiteRaven
  8. According to video from here http://johannakurkela.tumblr.com, Tuomas wrote six songs for the next Nightwish album and that the rest will be wrote after Decades tour so in 2019... So as I think no album release till 2020... Few months writting and as always summer camp of recordings in 2019....
  9. New band's album "Eat the elephant" will be released on April http://news.radio.com/2018/02/05/a-perfect-circle-reveal-new-album-eat-the-elephant/
  10. Surely this album by AURI will be like Tuomas Holopainen's Life and times..similar thing in some way.. It will include both songs whole instrumental ones and with singing
  11. First goes the badass drums https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1989484317759164&id=140130699361211
  12. Finally some update about the recordings https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10155404471377986&id=7185342985
  13. A Lifetime of adventure is way better than this track
  14. Shame that instrumentarium is too poor... Song is medium to be honest.. Too poppish.. Waiting for the rest of the album
  15. First single gonna be Night 13 and the 2nd one The Space between on March 9th https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10155111813841881&id=43247981880