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    Through the music service Spotify.
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    Seeing them live.
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    My collector's edition of Wishmaster and original 10-track version of Oceanborn.
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    Crimson Tide/Deep Blue Sea, Come Cover Me, Walking in the Air, The Kinslayer, Beauty and the Beast, FantasMic, Dead to the World, The Siren
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    Wishmaster, Oceanborn, Century Child
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    She Is My Sin, Dead Boy's Poem, Come Cover Me, FantasMic, Gethsemane, Passion and the Opera, The Pharao Sails to Orion, Dead to the World, End of All Hope, 10th Man Down
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    Wishmaster, Oceanborn
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    Amaranth, Bless the Child
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    From Wishes to Eternity
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    Endless Forms Most Beautiful
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    The Carpenter

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    Floor Jansen, Angela Gossow, Dianne van Giersbergen, Wishmaster era Tarja (2000-2001), Tim Charles, Freddie Mercury, Ozzy Osbourne
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    And Plague Flowers the Kaleidoscope by Ne Obliviscaris
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    Nightwish @ Bråvalla Festival 2016
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    Nightwish, Ne Obliviscaris, Arch Enemy
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    Pop, hiphop, reaggy, dubstep, country

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    A certain vegan chocolate drink made of oat milk.
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    Finland, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Greece and Thailand.
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    Yes, but not much.
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    Metal CD's. Mostly Symphonic metal.
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    Yes, two dogs and two cats.
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    Uhm, I do own an acoustic guitar but I don't know how to play yet... =P
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    Achrophobia and arachnophobia.


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    Once Upon a Time, Downton Abbey
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    Homo Deus, Harry Potter series

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  1. I don't doubt that Nightwish still are a "serious metal act", but their more recent albums are quite boring when compared to the first four albums to say the least. However I still enjoy all of their albums.
  2. I have to disagree with you. Nightwish is primarily a heavy metal band, whereas the orchestral sound is a secondary thing really. That's how interpet their music anyway, and always have. I don't know, I find Imaginaerum to be a vast improvement after Once and DPP. The same can't be said about EFMB however. It mostly feels like a more mediocre and poppy Once 2.0, but with an overuse of pipes.
  3. The problem with Once isn't that the orchestration is bad (because it isn't), it's that it sounds like an orchestra accompanied by a heavy metal band when it really should be the other way around. Not to mention that the guitars on Once sound so sloppy and boring (which is a big problem on DPP as well) that it's deeply underwhelming. I think they did really well with the orchestration on CC because it isn't on every track and it isn't as big and grandiose as on Once. On the other hand, I personally think the orchestra is at its finest on Imaginaerum simply because it worked so well together with the heavy metal music and it isn't all over the place like on Once. They also partly discarded the sloppy guitar sound on IMR, which I highly appreciate.
  4. I always figured it is? https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Romanticide
  5. And why is that? Weak Fantasy simply criticises organised religion and there's nothing wrong with that. The song doesn't question anybody's faith, but then again would it really be so wrong if it actually challenged your believes? I think it would be salutary to rediscover your values, challenge your faith and ask yourself: is this really my own believe or is it something that someone else has decided for me? Now, personally I love the lyrics of Gethsemane and yet I'm an atheist. Why can't we all just appreciate art as it is, even if we don't agree with it?
  6. My goodness, what an interesting tracklist! - 4 songs from Oceanborn?? (2 extra points for including Gethsemane and Devil, I have missed you both so much) - 10th Man Down? I'm quite surprised they included this song actually. I love it, but it just seems so random to add it. I suppose they wanted to include a track from the OTHAFA EP. - End of All Hope? My favourite song from Century Child, but it seems quite out of the blue to include it. - EVEN THE NIGHTWISH DEMO??? I really hoped that they would include this track, but in all honesty I didn't think it would happen. I'm so glad it did. However I'm quite dissappointed that the only Wishmaster songs both appeared on Highest Hopes (She Is My Sin, Come Cover Me, anyone??), but at the same time I'm very happy that they will appear on Decades. Especially The Kinslayer, which has basically been left forgotten since Tarja was dismissed. I'm also quite dissappointed that they included The Carpenter. Yeah I get it, it's their first single, but a really poor one to be honest. I'd rather see Beauty and the Beast or even Angelst Fall First. But enough bashing, I love CD 2.
  7. You grammar nazi. I was simply too lazy to correct it.
  8. *Correction: when EFMB is out there Easily the most mediocre Nightwish album. At least AFF has it's own charm.
  9. I highly agree, her voice is lovely here. I would like to hear more of that with Nightwish.
  10. You mean The Golden Age of Grotesque, right? Holy Wood isn't really Nu metal and TGAOG was far more popular.
  11. I wouldn't say it's a supbar album. I love the keyboard arrangement and the whole atmosphere that comes with that and don't even get me started on the guitar solos, particularly on She Is My Sin and the title track. I kind of get that people think it's a lot more straightforward than its predecessor, but I think overall that the mixing for Wishmaster is superb compared to that of Oceanborn.
  12. I know what you mean and I highly agree. Wishmaster is my favourite vocal performance by Tarja ever because of that rich and dark sound of her voice. It's a big shame that she got rid of it.
  13. I don't know. I find this performance rather fine actually. It doesn't come close to the From Wishes to Eternity performance, but to be honest Tarja never has surpassed her former self from those years and probably never will. Still, it's not a bad performance by any means.
  14. What. Have. I. Missed. I feel like I've been living under a rock. What's this? Tarja and Marco singing together for the first time in 12 years? Tarja and Marco singing together... Tarja and Marco... How can you seriously be fighting about this? These are wonderful news! It doesn't matter if they don't sound or look the same as they did 12 years ago, it's still THEM. And more importantly it seems that Marco and Tarja has finally made up with eachother, isn't that what matters? As for a reuonion show, I really doubt it's gonna happen. Marco may have befriended Tarja again, but that doesn't mean Tuomas will. Anyway, did anybody else notice that Tarja has got a tattoo? When did she get that? I have never seen it before.