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  1. Glorfy

    Emerald Mind

    Thank you for your feedback! It was our first experience with cello and non metal sound! I glad that you liked it!
  2. Glorfy

    Emerald Mind

    Hello, friends! I would like to introduce you Emerald Mind band! The band plays a unique mixture of power and progressive metal with one of the most professional female vocalists on the Russian metal scene Svetlana Vysotskaya. At this moment band have two studio albums and two singles. Short bio: The band was founded under a brand "Diadema" in September 2003 at the Far East region of Russia. In the end of 2009 the band released their debut album Tales Of Soveena under the new brand name “Emerald Mind” and moved to Saint-Petersburg to be closer to European music industry. In the end of 2014 the band recorded their second album «Civilization» and released it in August 2015. In may 2016 the band released new single Storyteller dedicated to a memory of great singer and icon of metal music Ronnie James Dio. In September 2016, the band released their second single "Distant Lands" based on the upcoming novel "Sigurd Petersson and The Lighthouse" and shoot their first video. In December 2016, Emerald Mind released next video for the song «Astronaut In Her Space» from the album «Civilization». As Svetlana said: "This song draws parallels between the depths of the universe and a human mind. One person explores the other one like a spaceship, drifting among the space." "Astronaut In Her Space" from "Civilization" (2015) album: The second single "Distant Lands“ (2016): The first single "Storyteller" dedicated to a memory of great singer and icon of metal music Ronnie James Dio: Band links: Web site: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Spotify: What do you think about Emerald Mind music?