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    An online friend
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    Seeing Nightwish live for the first time 3/12/18
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    My Decades tour shirt

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    Pegasus series and Valkyrie series by Kate O'Hearn
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  1. YES! Thank you so much! I have no pictures/videos because of the "no cell phones" announcement (though I saw other people using them and no one got in trouble), so I couldn't consult solid proof to confirm my memory. This is great. Thank you. A lot.
  2. Oh someone edited the setlist back to Sacrament of Wilderness. I feel better now. I was starting to feel really stupid if I mixed up songs. I was positive it was Sacrament of Wilderness but when I saw the setlist changed I thought I must have messed up. Good grief.
  3. Oh my gosh, now I'm wondering if I am just being totally stupid or something. I was so happy last night that it's very well I could have mixed up something. Don't listen to me then.:/ I apologize if I made a dumb mistake.
  4. Around two hours, I believe. I didn't check exact times, though. I was too excited! Sorry.:)
  5. They did not play Pharaoh Sails to Orion last night. I was there. What the heck is Elvenjig, setlist.fm editor person?! Okay then. I am done.:)
  6. Nightwish ~ Decades (at the show last night, I am so happy I got to see them live:)) ReVamp ~ ReVamp (I used a birthday Barnes&Noble gift card to order it. I am still waiting for it to come in the mail...:P)
  7. I was not expecting the differences in sound THAT MUCH on the compilation. I had listened on Spotify, and I got the CD at the show last night. I had figured the songs would sound about the same on the album, remaster or no, and I just wanted the CD because Nightwish CD = me wanting it. But I can actually clearly hear differences (ESPECIALLY in Anette's songs, in my opinion). There are also very clear differences on the Angels Fall First songs especially. Really everything except Élan, My Walden, and The Greatest Show on Earth, I think. I don't own Oceanborn and Angels Fall First on CD yet; I've just listened to them on youtube, which is probably not great quality recording anyway, but still.
  8. My first show was yesterday! My mom got me tickets for my birthday. We went to California Pizza Kitchen. We got this table where we could SEE the entrance to the Norva. At around 5 or so there were already people waiting outside the door. I wanted to go over there and wait. Mom did not want to. We did not. We walked across the street to the Norva at around 6:50. The weather STUNK. First it was cold and then it was SLEETING and then it started SNOWING. Then the door-opening time got pushed back to 7:30. And we, along with a ton of other people, waited in the nasty weather outside. However nobody seemed grumpy; everyone was just kind of shivering and talking and laughing or whatever. I think it was around 7:28 (ish? I'm not sure) when we got let in. Then the show didn't start until almost 9. Everyone got a free Decades CD. And I got a Decades tour shirt. The shirts were $40, We got a spot to stand on the right side somewhere between 1/3 and halfway back. Mom wanted to be against the wall, so I was like, you know what, okay, whatever, I can see here, so this is fine.:P There was an announcement that you weren't supposed to use cell phones for pictures/videos, but then lots of people did and no one got in trouble. I wish I had gotten at least ONE picture, but I didn't. Mom kept asking me "what song is this? What's this one about?" And I couldn't really hear her all that well, so I finally said I'd just talk after the show. Because I wanted to watch, obviously. I was worried she would hate it, but she ended up liking it much better than she thought she would, even though I hadn't played nearly all of the songs on the setlist for her beforehand. Anyways! I had a ton of fun and I sang along and screeched and clapped and whatnot with everyone else. I did not get "noise overload" like I was a bit worried about (I usually don't like loud indoor settings...) and I just really enjoyed myself. I kept thinking, I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M GETTING TO SEE THEM LIVE. THEY'RE RIGHT THERE!!! Etc. ...I probably sound crazy and fangirl-y. Oh well. I wish I had the money to see them again on another show in the tour, but I don't think that is going to happen.:P Also, Floor sounds awesome live, and it seemed like all of the band members were happy to be there. My mom (who remember doesn't like Nightwish much/was indifferent) was impressed with Kai's drumming and Floor's stage presence. She is an unbiased audience member, so I thought I'd include that.:)
  9. For what it's worth, I'm a Christian. I believe in creationism. I also believe in LGBTQIA+ rights. ...I love the Endless Forms Most Beautiful album. I think it is stupid for anyone to get offended by it. That's ridiculous. Even Weak Fantasy...I didn't interpret it as being blatantly anti-religion so much as criticizing religions using fear to control people and then followers blindly following the belief system without question. ("pick your own from a la carte fantasy"-that, to me, seems to purposely refer to any sort of religion at all) At which point I would say that could include most religions. Anyways. I'm no expert, but that is just my opinion.:) Also I'm going to the March 12 show next Monday. I am so excited.
  10. Apocalyptica ~ 7th Symphony Pentatonix ~ That's Christmas To Me
  11. I just went on ebay with birthday money and got a few CDs a couple days ago.. After Forever ~ After Forever Leaves' Eyes ~ Symphonies of the NIght Tristania ~ Illumination eleventyseven ~ Galactic Conquest Midnattsol ~ Nordlys.
  12. Last Ride of the Day by Nightwish. I may have listened to it on repeat for two hours the other day, and I am still not tired of it. (Does anyone else listen to favorite songs on repeat for ages besides me...? )
  13. Nightwish~ Century Child and Showtime, Storytime
  14. Agreed! Because inevitably you (general you) catch different things on subsequent listens! The concert footage is awesome.
  15. Hi and welcome!:) I LOVE watching Nightwish interviews on youtube...probably spent literally hours doing that one day earlier this week.