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  1. Watching the mythology episodes of the X Files while I practice drums. I'm just trying to get fast double bass, purely mechanical practice, so I run Netflix while I'm doing so.
  2. My Warmoth guitar, built 2015. It is my guitar-for-life, my wife of maple and basswood. My other Warmoth guitar, built 2005. It is probably the best feeling and coolest looking guitar I've ever had, and the above one was built to be an improvement on it. It still holds a throne as my #2. My Laney Pro Tube Lead. This amplifier is older than me. I've had a couple amps come and go but this one always stayed because the raw, organic power of a single channel head is irreplaceable. It just got modded by a guy who lives an hour from me and now it sounds like the ultimate Van Halen brown sound! No need for an overdrive pedal now. My Peavey 5150. The first generation block letter ones. This is just a motherfucker of a metal amplifier. Pearl Sensitone Elite brass, 14" x 7.5" snare. Every drummer I meet drools over this massive powerful snare drum.
  3. Fwoaaa. That is a hawt track. Also, the keyboardist looks to me like Booper.
  4. I agree that Floor is under utilized in EFMB. I have a friend who was hating on her, and to me that was inexcusable . His criticism is that she seems generic. So I showed him After Forever - Decipher to set him straight (by the way, does anyone detect an Anneke influence in her singing on this record?). Not that it worked... At the same time though I really appreciate her more subdued singing on the newest record. As Cristermo said, there are these little inflections peppered throughout her softer singing that are so subtle but good. I'd just love to hear some of that classical soprano incredible singing on future work.
  5. I love Therion's lyrical themes. Such an air of mystery, of antiquity and super natural-ness. For me it makes their vibe much deeper than the other symphonic bands, so count me as Baki's opposite on that aspect. There's a funny thing going on right now with natively caucasian countries. It's not okay to be nationalistic, because people like to tie pride in one's country with pride for their race. Being white is the one race it's not okay to have pride for. If you have pride for Sweden's people it has to be in something safe, like pride in how they welcome other nationalities into their borders. That is not a statement of my own opinion, that is my observation on the general mindset in predominant left-leaning thought right now. Naturally there is a backlash against this school of thought. That's fine. But it gets complicated because yes, some of the people who support the backlash have bigoted opinions. Is Christofer simply proud of his background or is he one of the bigots? I don't know. But I like Therion too much to let it taint my enjoyment, and I'm not going to jump to any conclusions. I will offer this though, with his music being the one thing about him I do definitely know. Therion's themes encompass the mythologies and mysticisms of the entire world, not just the Scandinavian countries.
  6. NIce! Looks like it was a good time.
  7. Agreed that it was a hasty statement on the vocal quality of Therion's vocalists. Is Martina Horn-something a better vocalist than Tarja? No she actually was pretty poor, though interesting to look at. Thing is though with Therion's vocalists there are really two types, four if you further separate by sex. There's 'rock' or 'normal' singers like Linnea or Mats Leven, and then the classically trained singer like for instance Lori. If we were to only consider the classically trained vocalists in this comparison to Tarja well then yes, she can't compete. With that said though I don't believe music should be viewed as a competition.
  8. I'd beg to differ. Get yourselves to a studio pronto!
  9. Noted sir! Will pull out all the stops finding a great sample library.
  10. My impression of Floor fans is that they're a lot like Floor. Respectful of what came before. Unlike Floor though, they're not afraid to mention how superior she is as a vocalist to those that came before (and possibly any other woman in the genre).
  11. We made a little teaser thingie of new material. That's a thing bands usually do, right?
  12. Yeah damn, that new track is ah, as the kids say these days 'totally lit fam'! Pre chorus is pure business, very powerful. It's one of the songs where the pre chorus teases before it goes back to the verse, but when they come back to it with the chorus oh lord, I got a tingling. She sounds great. I don't recall being impressed by her vibrato in NW but this is really good. Could do without the 'djent' breakdown though.
  13. Amberian are incredibly adept, both at playing and at songwriting, so it's no surprise that they so rapidly produce quality. Makes you wonder what would happen if they put four years of labour into an album...?