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  1. Unstrung

    Dreams of Sanity

    Is there already a thread for this band? I couldn't find one. It's been years since I listened to them, really took me back to that time. It definitely sounds like they were on a budget but I really dig the songwriting.
  2. Unstrung


    They definitely have the vibe of a band that exists less so for the art, and moreso for the market appeal
  3. Unstrung

    At Dawn's Edge

    Looks like they got themselves a full lineup now and are rethinking their songs in acoustic format. Pretty cool no?
  4. Unstrung

    Thoughts of a relative newbie

    Yeah. I got into them very recently and the newer stuff is better, from my perspective. Anything that they’ve retreaded from before is executed better the second or third time around, so having not spent a longer time with the older stuff, the impression is better for later work.
  5. Unstrung


    Agreed with Symphoniker and The Name's input, so I'll just add: Gothic Kabbalah was an incredible development on Therion's sound. If they continued in this direction I'd have no complaints whatsoever.
  6. Unstrung

    Visions Of Atlantis

    I really enjoyed the imagery in that video. As for the music... I enjoyed it, but at the same time I'm intensely critical of the chord progressions, the production, etc.
  7. Unstrung

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Nightwish is a songs band though. I don’t foresee Kai ever doing much more than playing for the song. There won’t be any Danny Carey sort of songs built around a difficult rhythm things.
  8. Unstrung

    Decades World Tour 2018

    As well as the heavier bands he played in but that’s a much smaller group of people
  9. Unstrung

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I don’t know about ‘ever’ but he definitely deserves more credit. NW are one of the biggest bands in metal so simply by virtue of the layman’s ‘most famous band = best musicians’ phenomena you’d think he’d get more love. That and also the fact that he wipes the floor with everyone’s favourite overrated star rock drummers...
  10. Unstrung


    It’s a grower for sure. I immersed myself in it for a few days and got really stoked on it. A couple tracks are great standalones. There is just so much there, after a listen my mind is echoing with Therionisms. Imagine actually seeing the the heavy metal opera of this!
  11. Unstrung

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I share your thoughts on the venue. The sound was pretty good, moreso as the set progressed, and the vibe of the place is perfect. That it's all seats, well, that is a heavy metal no-no but honestly, and maybe this is me getting older... I'm fine with it. No shoving, no crowdsurfers kicking you in the back of the head, no girlfriend having a bad night because she only sees someone's shoulders... Also welcome to the forum.
  12. Unstrung

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I was there last night. It was so awesome. I haven’t felt such pure, prolonged happiness like I did then for as long as I can remember. I’ve lost count of how many choruses made me cry... not stoic man tears but proper embarrassing scrunched face and snot. I’ve never cried with joy before. Good thing it was dark in there. Just astounding. I’m a relatively new fan who is progressively less familiar with the material as we go further into the past. And yeah, the Carpenter was great, even though I don’t know the song. Troy’s lead vocal, then joined by Floor over top was undeniable. Elan was the first song to make a baby out of me. The Greatest Show On Earth was massive, so powerful. Kai’s double bass in ‘The Devil...’ practically levelled the venue. Everyone seemed to be in a smiling daze as they left the venue. It was magic. I actually feel horrible today. Like I’ve come down from a wonderful drug... everything sucks now. But I do have not one but two copies of the Decades discs, and yes indeed the songs sound way better.
  13. Unstrung

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Yeah you’ve nailed it. His vocal parts all across that album rule because of his contrast to Tarja. Like in Dead to the World. I also really really like their Phantom of the Opera... I’ll bet a lot of you hate that one though. I think his character acting is at its peak in Scaretale. He sounds like a Jack O Lantern.
  14. Unstrung

    The Floor thread

    That last scene wasn’t funny though. It was awesome.