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  1. It's interesting how Finland's best drummers come from the most brutal backgrounds and end up ascending to the throne of Nightwish's much more accessible music. I mean Kai was in Rotten Sound in the early nineties, and played with them in other bands even before then. And that is some really ripping grindcore. Timo Hakkinen I know from Kataplexia, he's from the brutal death metal scene.
  2. Dude did you see the documentary of when they first brought Floor in to finish that tour? They brought out a CAUTION - Wet Floor sign and gave it to her and I was like "man... so inappropriate if she just joined the band days ago!" I mean... think... I know they're European but surely they realize that in english if you say a woman is wet you're saying... dude... DUDE... She took it like a champ though. Such a cool woman.
  3. I've been getting an almost even spread of people preferring one song over the other. It seems Sky Garden is just a tiny bit more popular, due to the chorus mostly likely, but there are still many who prefer The Rivers. I like The Rivers more because I am particularly proud of the guitar work and the punchy prechorus. Others, yourself included geoman, have their own reasons like perhaps the dominant operatic lead vocal or the lack of growls. What would your thoughts be on the instrumental aspect being heavier in future songs? Not blastbeat heavy but some real chunky riffs. I'm gearing up to start writing more and I've had people ask for heavier riffs, which is something I can surely provide...
  4. Wow thank you very much for the kind words. I suppose I can share the stems I sent to the mastering engineer?
  5. So little said about this band? This album completely blew me away: I love how rich the orchestration is, contrasted to their untrained artschool voices
  6. Hello all, I was hoping I could share with you my own symphonic metal project. Right now I just have a two song demo. It is very much in the same mould as Nightwish, Therion, After Forever, The Gathering. I had the very kind help of a local soprano who goes by the handle Snowmaiden as well as more conventional singing by Laura of the Polish band Cryovile. I released the songs at the start of July and so far people around me seem to like it but the exposure really has only been people I know. If there is a good reception maybe half a year from now I'd see about actually creating the band that would play these songs and more. https://nachtmuse.bandcamp.com/ < You can have the MP3s for free. Youtube previews for your convenience: Links to my singers, because they deserve mad credit: https://www.facebook.com/cryovile/ https://www.facebook.com/SnowmaidenOfficial/
  7. I'm excited for every damn person they're bringing in. I love how Therion always have this diverse collective of voices to choose from, as opposed to the tried and true frontperson method. It brings so much character and contrast to each song. And they must be amplifying this to the max with the rock opera. Every contribution, even that throaty bellow of Piotr (actually I especially love him, his voice is strangely evocative) is so crucial. I'm hoping for lots of Mats Levin action. I was at Maryland Death Fest this year, went to see death and grind bands and saw Terrorizer play not realizing Mats was singing for Candlemass on the other stage at the same time. I mean Terrorizer owned but a crowd surfer smashed my glasses and I could have seen MATS. FUUUUUUU-
  8. Evolution SO rips. My buddy and I acapella the heck out of those riffs.
  9. Thomas Vikstrom can do no wrong. Snowy set a ridiculous precedent for stage garb and Thomas is reaping the tight, bulging benefits of such. I have so much more to say about this incredible band but lunch break is OVAH!
  10. I am a huge fan of their Mandylion and Nighttime Birds releases. Wow, what a treat this song is.
  11. A funny thing perspective is. If you read reviews of Symphony X albums a lot of people are hard on New Mythology Suite, they'll say it tries to replay themes they were successful with in previous albums to a more lacklustre effect and gets somewhat low reviews. NMS was the first Symphony X album I heard and to me it is just an absolute monster of an album. The hard songs go pretty hard and it is so musically dense. The drums sound superb - clear and powerful but not overworked as tends to be the case in metal production. The reverb on the piano parts, of special note in 'Communion and the Oracle', is like a cool glass of water after too long in the sun (I was actually rescued from a bad fungal journey by those dulcet tones). And then with that point of view I'd look back at the older ones they're referencing it to and finding they just aren't as well executed in comparison, by a great deal. New Mythology Suite. So good!
  12. Sucks to hear about drama with the rerelease of the album. After Forever were a standout band and it would have been nice to see their legacy lie in peace. My favourite album by them is Decipher. I was floored (this pun has probably been abused a million times) when I heard the singing on tracks like Pledge of Allegiance #1 - Floor is without a doubt the most powerful and adept woman in the genre, at least to my estimation. She's a Valkyrie! In interviews she also seems like just a genuinely good person. It only makes sense that she's ascended to the genre's apex position.
  13. Just thought I'd open up with a greeting. I'm looking forward to this being my lunchbreak hangz.