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  1. Dude that sounds great. I am now stoked for this release.
  2. I can hear an improvement between now and your post from 2014. All in all though I've got to say, your music is quite nice. I'm jealous of the musicality you have as a pianist. As a guitarist I suffer from a problem a lot us of do - we don't see the forest for the trees. We're so limited by the physical challenges of our instrument that we don't have the same grasp of chord progressions and song flow that you do.
  3. Wow Les, yes that is probably a generation or two older than the average listener. I appreciate that you still see out new music. My father hasn't listened to anything new for thirty years!
  4. Twin Peaks Season 3
  5. Your covers are killer.
  6. You must mean this: https://m.facebook.com/chris.vontherion/posts/1582250945365846 You're right, there is something more methodical than I thought with the videos that went with Les Fleurs... Again with my previously stated sentiment, I hope the band are returning to what they've done best. I think that would help them in the long run more than playing games with the music industry.
  7. These are the talented women who I've been working with in my own projects. It occurred to me that they've both done covers fit to share with you all, and they deserve the exposure, so please enjoy. Laura with a Nightwish cover. She's got plenty more on her channel, including a Delain track which I think suits her voice perfectly. For Snowmaiden I was about to post an Epica cover she did recently with the guy who mastered my demo, but as I'm looking for it I'm finding all these Nightwish covers as well so I guess that's a good place to start. Her channel has plenty of other covers as well.
  8. When Les Fleurs came out I was an avid listener but wasn't keeping up with the band's doings so it literally just showed up on youtube, taking me by surprise. For some reason my girlfriend (now wife) really really liked it. Which is rare, she isn't really a music listener. So it got a lot of play in the car. I think with Les Fleurs they were just having fun. Christofer was indulging and following through with a bizarre artistic impulse (much like Tuomas with 'Music Inspired By...'), the sort of thing highly productive creative geniuses are wont to do. Just looking at the music videos, there's a low budget one of them singing in a house, a pair where they're partying at a dirty bar and getting completely loaded, and then somehow the incredible CGI video full of airships, giant robots and boobies. This is them just doing whatever pleases them and is within their grasp. NSFW With this triple album they're locked into serious mode again. This is the real deal. Will it rule or will it disappoint?
  9. I'm sorry if I mislead but I meant the album Endless Forms, the track was 'Yours Is...'
  10. That's my feeling too. Sitra was a bit of a let down to me (more on that in a sec) and Les Fleurs, I guess they/he were just fooling around a bit before they did their 'real' work. As a massive Therion fan I wait with baited breath for this release - will it break a low period in their career or will it demonstrate that sadly, their best times are over? When Sitra came out a lot of my disappointment was due to the comparisons you could make between it and what came before, particularly Gothic Kabbalah. The production is kind of flat, a big contrast to the incredible mix and master on GK. Some of the performances were lacking (most notably, Snowy sounds HORRIBLE on Sitra ) and I sorely missed the members who'd left the band and felt their shoes weren't being filled very well. Now that it's been what, six years or so since Sitra came out I've actually been enjoying it, after not touching it for years. I let the flaws go and don't measure it against their other releases and now it's a fun listen for me. Of course it may just be because I'm dying to listen to new material from Therion, so... Here's hoping the triple is good!
  11. From their Facebook: What a pretentious way to announce it. But I mean, it's a triple CD, so, it's kind of a big deal...
  12. I was listening to Endless Forms in the car on the way to work today and you can definitely hear some growls, layered and panned wide under the lead vocal. Towards the end of the song.
  13. Thanks for the kind words Nienor, I'm very much inspired by Therion, and if you know them you know that when it comes to vocals they throw a huge variety of voices into their songs. My intent is very similar, so male singers would definitely be a feature in more songs, as would be more growls (though I want to limit them a bit). But beautiful female voices are here to stay! I'm yet to find any local male singers whose voices I like though. Where are all the Mark Boals, the Mike Vescaras, the Mats Levins in my city? Maybe someone from afar who would be willing to contribute.
  14. Wait, the growls in Revamp are Floor? Oh geez. That's incredible.
  15. Yes based on my thread archaeology that seems to be the consensus! Some of their songs just came alive on Reevolution. Vaaalkyriieees...