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  1. Nah it's not simple as that. Writing music is not an on/off thing. Within Nightwish you have a certain set of stylistic tropes you must conform to, a certain 'mode' or 'type' that limits you. For example the songs must have heavy drums and metal guitar accompaniment, must have catchy choruses, etc. Apparently Tuomas ran out of the creative mojo to keep that ball rolling and took a break to write these sparse folk tunes with Auri. That's a different style to work, it was probably very refreshing and natural. He claims it revitalized his song writing motivation for Nightwish, which seems entirely plausible to me. The conclusion you've drawn seems unfair... You could just believe him instead of accusing him of being unfaithful to his main band? I know this situation well as I've quit bands, relatively successful ones, because I was unable to create more songs within their style. And then writing new music in a different style just happened quickly and naturally. And then it comes full circle because I'm working with that first band again, it seems.
  2. Mats is the one at the top of my list.
  3. I'll have to listen to Invisible Circles again. It kind of just went through one ear and out the other as this dense prog rock record. I'll skip the acted parts.
  4. TBH there's a lot of people I'd like to have seen there. I won't make a list. Just consider that I am obsessed with all albums and the musicians therein from and including Vovin to Gothic Kabbalah! Well I will mention one person I really wanted the album to feature. Piotr. That voice... is so damn unique, it's like, it shouldn't be good. But it really is. I was going to say this before but I held myself back because it isn't fair to already compare it to their proven works when I haven't heard it yet. Couldn't help it this time.
  5. Yeah to be honest I think the video is just fine. It's art. It's 'high' art? I don't know. No one's going to agree on all art being excellent. If they do the art has lost some of its efficacy. It's got us talking, doesn't it? It should.
  6. Oh yeah, that wasn't half bad for a short clip.
  7. I interpreted it as her saying that, as the woman she is, she wouldn't mind engaging in sexual acts with him. Not that he'd be fun in drag... But yeah you're right, it was probably just a badly calculated attempt at helping them get through an awful interview
  8. Oh my god , there is a vid form Wacken 2016 of them doing Typhon and the vocals of Linnea and Snowy were just atrocious! Gets worse as the song progresses. Guitar solo wasn't so hot either.
  9. Yeah that feeling of physical depletion/accomplishment I do recall from when I used to work out at the gym. Hm, I should get back on that, my arms are getting thin and my torso is getting thick... It's a good feeling for sure.
  10. Let's make it happen people!
  11. Kind of hoping it's me. I don't think it was, it was low quality trolling, but I tried. Nonsense, the chinese would never steal anything! Said as I sit at my workstation surrounded by cheap imported electronics.
  12. Stoked
  13. I was wondering why this was so familiar... then I realized. Around here it's common to see elderly chinese folk doing Tai Chi in the parks when it's warm out, and now here we have a privileged probably straight white male stealing and trivializing their cultural practices. This video is another disgusting display of cultural appropriation and I'm boycotting it and Auri entirely. Also I don't mind her voice at all, her timbre is very lovely and her delivery, which some may interpret as flat, is to me understated. I see no need for a more familiarly 'Celtic' 'folksy' sound to the singer's voice. This is how the music of Tuomas, his wife and their genius hobbit buddy sounds!
  14. Hmm. This track struck me as a lot better than what else I've heard. It's something I can immerse myself in.
  15. Oh heck yeah. Thanks guys for nominating me as your favourite newb.