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  1. NW-forever

    Nightwish Off Topic

    Tarja Christmas song tour. I have tickets for Tampere show http://www.meteli.net/tapahtumahaku?q=tarja+turunen
  2. NW-forever

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    There are other Tarja concerts too. See the full list: http://www.meteli.net/tapahtumahaku?q=tarja+turunen Sorry this off-topic
  3. NW-forever

    Nightwish World Tour 2020

    When I heard Nightwish will play somewhere in Finland, I immediately bought tickets, when they started selling 7.11. I don´t care , what other bands there will be. But anyway this is a 3 day festival and surely I will be there every day as now I have tickets for all those 3 days. This is a nice way also to explore those other bands, that I would never see otherwise. I have extreme luxury as this show is only 10 km from my home. Last year I drove around 1500 km to see 3 Nightwish shows (in Finland). Other Nightwish related tickets, I have (in case you didn´t know about these opportunities): - 7.12 Raskasta Joulua (Floor and Marco) http://raskastajoulua.com (Tampere sold out, but there are other shows elsewhere in Finland) - 12.12. Tarja Turunen http://www.meteli.net/tapahtuma/324759 (Also shows elsewhere available)
  4. NW-forever

    Nightwish World Tour 2020

    Liput ostettu!!! Tsekatkaa Tampereen keikka !!! https://www.rockfest.fi/
  5. NW-forever

    Nightwish World Tour 2020

    I have now tickets for Rockfest Finland wauuuu https://www.rockfest.fi/in-english/
  6. NW-forever

    Decades: Live in Buenos Aires

    Yes! I am also fan of piano melodies by Tuomas ( +everything else too ). I am listening frequently instrumental / orchestral versions of albums to understand the depth of musical expression better. Then it is more easy to understand full versions too. Also I think Dean Kopri is doing fantastic job to cover Tuomas compositions. He is doing just piano versions, which are great. Those are opening basic melodies to me and also bringing some new ideas about the songs. For example this one:
  7. NW-forever

    Decades: Live in Buenos Aires

    Wauuuu, this is great! Can´t wait to get my Bluray/CD -version of this (will be 5.12.) I saw Decades show 3 times live (ilosaari, Lahti, Helsinki). However, this "Devil And The Deep Dark Ocean - Live In Buenos Aires" lifts it up to another level of perfection. This is a just so wonderful to see and hear. The sound is fantastic, the band in performing on top of their skills, and you can clearly hear and see details that were never possible in a live concert. Together with live experience and then adding this recording makes it like the correct way to say RIP for this song. Of course I will listen this for ever and also the original version from Oceanborn album (+some other live versions). But this will probably never be heard again in new live shows.
  8. NW-forever

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Hi! I have some ideas: Tuomas has said that in this album orchestra will be used "in a different" way. Don't remember exact words, but anyway. Also he has said, that making Auri -abum opened some "flood gates" of writing Nightwish music. Auri is kind of a "Fusion folk music", "Rabbit hole fantasy music", or whatever you call it. Anyway genius stuff as Tuomas invented some new genre of music again. And then we have all this discussion above about ancient themes, black mirror etc. Also putting this into context of whole history and evolution of Nightwish music... Also we know themes of nature, which is present closely where Tuomas lives and we know how much he cares about it. To me all this sums up for new album: 1. There will be some songs containing some really new elements and different use of orchestra. I would guess not extensive amount of orchestra sound. Maybe a bit smaller set of instruments. 2. There could well be some fantasy folk -elements, like "sitting around camp-fire in ancient times playing songs". Troy has good set of instruments to play stuff like this. Reference "Sacrament Of Wilderness" 3. There could be a story starting from ancient times and developing to current times and then extending to future. Maybe describing, how poetry / music has evolved all these times. Maybe this is the "long epic song" of the album. 4. Probably some close-to-nature elements and maybe some extinction story. Reference "Greek Mary's Blood". Hoping that there will be some opportunities, where Floor can use all his capabilities in operatic singing. Just hoping, not at all sure.
  9. NW-forever

    Decades: Live in Buenos Aires

    This is my dream come true! I saw most of these songs in their tour in Finland 2018 (Ilosaari, Lahti, Helsinki). Also there was a great version of Wishmaster, which is missing here. Anyway this will refresh memories and save those for years to come. All these great songs live with Floor! WOW DECADES: LIVE IN BUENOS AIRES (BLU-RAY + 2CD EARBOOK) Blu-Ray: 01. Swanheart 02. End Of All Hope 03. Wish I Had An Angel 04. 10th Man Down 05. Come Cover Me 06. Gethsemane 07. Élan 08. Sacrament Of Wilderness 09. Deep Silent Complete 10. Dead Boy’s Poem 11. Elvenjig 12. Elvenpath 13. I Want My Tears Back 14. Amaranth 15. The Carpenter 16. The Kinslayer 17. Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean 18. Nemo 19. Slaying The Dreamer 20. The Greatest Show On Earth 21. Ghost Love Score CD1: 01. Swanheart 02. End Of All Hope 03. Wish I Had An Angel 04. 10th Man Down 05. Come Cover Me 06. Gethsemane 07. Élan 08. Sacrament Of Wilderness 09. Deep Silent Complete 10. Dead Boy’s Poem 11. Elvenjig 12. Elvenpath 13. I Want My Tears Back CD2: 01. Amaranth 02. The Carpenter 03. The Kinslayer 04. Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean 05. Nemo 06. Slaying The Dreamer 07. The Greatest Show On Earth 08. Ghost Love Score
  10. NW-forever

    The Floor thread

    I hope Floor is not getting too much work to do. She has a baby and huge amount of touring and recordings. It might feel OK for her just now. But some day maybe it is not that easy anymore. Everything must work perfectly in her personal life to be able to do all this. There is not much room for baby or anybody else in the family getting sick or some other problems. But she is strong as we know. Everything will be OK surely. My next Floor live experience: I have a ticket in the front row for Finland/Tampere Christmas show "Raskasta Joulua" 7.12.
  11. NW-forever

    The Marko thread

    Of course it is When I first listened it, I thought it is not "heavy enough", as I was waiting something like Tarot. I was confused and did not listen it much during a month or so. Then I started again listening it and trying to understand lyrics really. Then came the live concert, where I got some new ideas about it. And seeing it live just made a difference. Now I can't stop listening it. I just don't get enough of it. Now I listen Nightwish -> Marko solo -> Floor solo -> Auri -> Scrooge ->Tarot and then everything once again. I am totally drowned and travelling around in this world of Nightwish and their related solo and other music. Crazy, but wonderful way to be drowned I think.
  12. NW-forever

    The Marko thread

    Today there was a document about Marko in Finnish television (channel 4). it was 1 hour document, mostly covering his solo -album work and his first solo -concert from Kuopio / Finland. Of course it was a lot of information, but I would like to summarize it this way here: Marko said about his solo -album (my own translation): "This is a summary of my musical history. It is containing my experience starting from early days of Tarot. These songs have been waiting long time to be published some day. And finally that day came now." One more thing (edit): I saw Marko giving concert at Tampere / 12.7. (first row of course ). He was also explaining a bit about some of the songs. It was a relief to me to hear his explanation about "Unelmoin Öisin". It was really bothering me as I could not get what it is all about. Well, he said it is written from grave. Yes, you got it right: from grave = dead underground. Marko said, that it is describing the dead feeling, where you don´t anymore have much of interaction with the rest of the world. That is creepy really. But at least now I understand why it is so creepy.
  13. NW-forever

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    I suppose Tuomas wants privacy. He is not feeling comfortable about being a target of fans wanting all the details related his being and work. He has said this many times in many interviews. He expresses himself best using music. This must be the creating force for all the unbelievable art he is able to do. Already song "Dead Boy's Poem" contains this piece of lyrics confirming the same. I think this song is his "self-portrait" of those early days and it has not changed much since: "If you read this line, remember not the hand that wrote it Remember only the verse, songmaker’s cry, the one without tears" It is great to have artists, who are confident producing their own work like they want and not going for all the hype and whatever commercial effort to market their productions. We have enough marketing and all-the-time-on-line-stuff in this world already.
  14. NW-forever

    Nightwish – Decades World Tour 2018

    No nyt ajan päästä ei oikeen muista enää tilannetta. Mutta se näytti siltä, että Floorin ääni meni flunssan tms. takia. Ja itellä oli just päällä karmee flunssa. Joten se tuli se fiilis, että: Ei helkutti, miten Floor voi ikinä nyt tosta biisin lopusta selvitä. Kun siis itse en saanut kähinää enempää ulos. Mutta hienosti meni
  15. NW-forever

    Nightwish – Decades World Tour 2018

    Ilosaari, Lahti, Hartwall nähty. Hartwall hirveessä flunssassa ja ääni poijes. No joo kyllä mietin (ehkä sekunnin), että lähdenkö, kun siellä varmaan muita tartuttaa. Mutta koitin parhaani mukaan vältellä tartuttamasta. Tuo Hatwall jää ikuisesti mieleen, kun Floorilta meni ääni siinä Ghost Love Scoressa juuri ennen puolivälin taukio-kohtaa. Itellä aivan kauhea kurkkukipu, eikä voi kuvitellakaan huutavansa jotakin. Samaistuin tuohon Floorin tilanteeseen aivan käsittämättömällä tavalla. Ajattelin, että onneksi on nyt tuo pikku tauko. Ehkä Floorilla on jokin jippo, jolla pystyy skarppaan. Vähän sopivaa juomaa tai jotain. No sitten takas lavalle vaan ja sitten alkaa ne punaiset konfetit satamaan. Ajattelin, että voi helkkari, tuolla nyt on Floor yksin koko Areenan edessä, ääni on mennyt, konfetit sataa ja pitäisi se loppuhuipennus saada vedettyä. Pelkään joka soluillani tuskan hiki päällä, että mitä nyt tapahtuu. No mitäpä tapahtuu. Floor runnoo sen lopun hienosti pakettiin ja mulla kyyneleet valuu valtoimenaan paidalle asti. Tuossa on videoita mm. tuo Ghost Love Score. https://www.soundi.fi/uutiset/nightwish-paatti-maailmankiertueensa-loppuunmyydyn-hartwall-arenan-lavalle-talta-meno-naytti-yleisosta-kasin/ Huh huh, No nyt sitten live-DVD:tä odotteleen ja niin eespäin