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  1. Mainshow

    Eurovision SC 2019

    That's simply wrong. Which year was it? Apart from 2018 (which was terribly performed + dull song), Russia has been part of the Top 7 (out of 26-43 countries) since 2012.
  2. Mainshow


    I've just discovered them via YouTube's suggestion algorithm and I think I'm in love. The singer's voice is almost magical and very eerie . I'm thinking of getting a ticket to EPICA's show so that I can see both bands live (but it's not that close) I'm surprised their latest singles hasn't been posted yet:
  3. Mainshow

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    "Dead Promises" is a solid track but again, I believe that it's not "lead single" material (like her other lead singles post "I Walk Alone"). She's such a great and interesting vocalist but when it comes to her solo career, I think that Tarja is stuck in her comfort zone. I would like her to go more Symphonic Metal... or trying something harder with a few more interesting motivic developments. Anyway, it's nice to see that Christina as well as Tommy are part of her upcoming project! <3
  4. Mainshow

    Beyond the Black

    A pity that we just got the original versions. I would have bought the album if they had included re-recorded version of their songs. That said, I just bought the three songs on iTunes individually. Just listening to them right now but in general, I'm not that impressed. The new tracks on Lost In Forever's Tour Edition are excellent and that's why I kind of expected to be blown away again. Strangely, Beyond The Black just released "Through The Mirror" as a single yesterday (instead of promoting one of the new three tracks xd). Anyway, I don't want to complain because "Through The Mirror" is a highlight on their latest album.
  5. Mainshow

    Lord Of The Lost

    "Loreley"'s probably my favourite music video by LOTL. Love the outfits and the ballet dancer! I seriously don't want this era to end. "Thornstar" has quickly become one of my favourite non-pop albums!
  6. Mainshow

    Beyond the Black

    Beyond the Black will re-release their latest album "Heart of the Hurricane" by adding 3 new tracks as well as a 2nd disc including "some sort of a best of" [from their first two studio ablums]. I'm not sure whether I should buy it or not since I already got the "Limited Saturn Edition" with 16 tracks and I'm not so keen on the "Best Of" disc. I can totally understand why they would like to offer such a record to new fans, though. It seems that supporting Within Temptation on the Resist Tour last year really did help them gaining new fans (especially around Europe). That said, I would totally support such a "Best Of" disc if the songs had been re-recorded by the new bandmates. The "Black Edition" of "Heart of the Hurricane" will be released on 3rd May, 2019 and it will include 3 new tracks (as I've already mentioned): - "Spiderweb of Eyes" - "We Will Find A Way" - "Still Breathing" I can't wait to get to know these three new tracks, though! - I'll probably buy them separately on iTunes
  7. Mainshow

    Myrath - Metal music from the desert

    "Born To Survive" is really energetic. It's definitely my favourite promotional single taken from "Shehili" - I will clearly check out the previews.. hope the other tracks will convince me to buy their upcoming release.
  8. Mainshow

    Within Temptation II

    The love for "Mad Love" in this thread is astonishing. I personally think it's the weakest track on Resist. The chorus is just off-putting to me, dunno, maybe it's a bit "too pop-y" for me (the melody of the chorus). Apart from that, I truly like the album (apart from the impression that I think there's something off with Sharon's voice in terms of mixing/vocal production). I just wish it would have been a concept album and I needed a few "heavier" tracks (in terms of Within Temptation, obviously) since "Raise Your Banner" and "Trophy Hunter" are my favourite tracks on the record by miles!
  9. Mainshow

    Within Temptation II

    Maybe they wait for their Eurovision 2019 entry to be included on the record haha
  10. Mainshow

    Within Temptation II

    Apparently, Sharon stopped in the middle of a song again and the band stopped playing tonight and asked for some paramedics because she noticed how a fan fainted. RESPECT to the band!
  11. Mainshow

    Within Temptation II

    I'm not embarrassed at all. Maybe they chose to perform this song on purpose... Because it means so much to Sharon. The rest of the night was perfect and Sharon being so emotional only proves that she's human and can totally lose herself in the music. I prefer such incidents to polished performances without flaws. Tbh. She didn't burst into tears at the Warsaw gig I also attended. Maybe it feels more real now because it's so close to Christmas and they did perform it in the home country of her father?
  12. Mainshow

    Within Temptation II

    After not being able to sing a phrase or two, she even said "Shit" quite loud. It was utterly sad but also quite adorable to witness it.
  13. Mainshow

    Within Temptation II

    They didn't play a "new" new song tonight. It's the same Playlist. They did play The Cross, the Acoustic Version of Ice Queen again and left out "Shot In The Dark". During "Forgiven", Sharon broke out in tears and couldn't finish the song. The audience supported her with ovations. That was very touching! Damn.. That night was awesome. Sharon's voice was also more stable during the "shouty" WT Songs (compared to the live stream) and it was amazing to be soooooo close to them. OMG
  14. Mainshow

    Within Temptation II

    OMG 3rd row. Can't believe it! Didn't expect to get such a great spot after waiting for only 30 minutes. Never been so close to WT Oo I hope they do play The Cross again
  15. Mainshow

    Your TOP-5 of ANYTHING

    My Top 5 bands from Germany: #1 Beyond The Black #2 Faun #3 Subway To Sally #4 Oomph! #5 Lord Of The Lost