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  1. Mainshow

    Within Temptation II

    I absolutely adore it! It's the best single since "The Howling" <3 The epic intro, the choir, it sounds a bit "The Truth Beneath The Rose" and also the outro sounds very "The Heart Of Everything"-esque whilst Sharon is almost pulling off her Mother Earth voice. This song is pure Symphonic Metal again and tbh, when it comes to the arrangement and melody probably my favourite song by them released in the last decade. It's flawless.
  2. Mainshow

    Subway To Sally

    The German Folk Metal band SUBWAY TO SALLY just announced that they are going to release a new album titled "Hey!" in early 2019! - The lead single from their 13th studio version will be released on 6th December! I've seen them live and they are incredible! - If you like some medieval Metal/Rock and you don't mind a language barrier you should check them out!
  3. Mainshow

    Sarah Brightman

    Didn't know he was that handsome haha. Nice music video. I like the song a lot. Hope, there are more such tracks on her upcoming album.
  4. Mainshow

    Within Temptation II

    Thanks! .... WT will go on tour in the US around March 2019
  5. Mainshow

    Within Temptation II

    Just came back and I have to say that I am impressed! It was an amazing night! Within Temptation are always worth seeing live but today, they were clearly on fire. I loved the setlist and Sharon had so much energy and was angelic on "The Promise". It was really cute how Sharon said "Dziękuję" a few times and talked a bit about Formula 1 (so random). When it comes to the new songs... I absolutely love the new intro of "Raise Your Banners" and I would love it to be the one from the studio version. I am not sure whether I like "Mercy Mirror" or not but "Endless War" and "Supernova" are amazing, in my opinion and the new minor electrosounds compliment Sharon's voice. The Heart of Everything Songs were my absolute favourite ones tonight, though. They always work live so well! Oh and Beyond the Black were amazing, too! If you see them live, you simply have to like them!! Jennifer did an amazing job and I was so impressed by her vocals! I even had the chance to take a picture with the whole band after the concert and told them how fabulous they have been. What a fantastic night!
  6. Mainshow

    Beyond the Black

    I just got the status of "Top Fan" of Beyond the Black on Facebook - That's a bit random but I am quite deliriously happy. I can't wait to see them live for the very first time this week. - I am also very interested in getting to know how some "older" songs sound like with the new band. P.S.: I know it's a "double post" but the last post was made a month ago
  7. Mainshow

    Within Temptation II

    Thank you! - I just put some music of Beyond the Black to play it on my way to university. I just discovered them and I am not "that" familiar with their songs even though I started to listen to them heavily a month ago or two. - Thanks! - I just figured out that the also played "When Angels Fall" due to their psot on Instagram. It's my favourite track taken from their debut album! I am glad you had a blast at the concert! Nice to see Stefan speaking in Swedish to the crowd. That must have been a lovely gesture I really like it that Sharon doesn't ditch "Forgiven" even though she seems to continue struggling performing it. That's how music can also look like: Like a mirror of your emotions and it's really authentic and impressive that Sharon shares her pain with us. I "don't mind her" crying on stage if I get to know such a unique experience (oh, I don't like to see other people cry and I wish Sharon all the best and happiness and love in this world... just saying that I am against of "ditching the song" because it's "too personal"). What about "Raise Your Banners"? Have you listened to the previously leaked demo? Has it changed much? I am so excited to listen to the new songs for the very first time! - 3 more days to go!
  8. Mainshow

    Sarah Brightman

    This looks absolutely stunning
  9. Mainshow

    Within Temptation II

    Have fun and enjoy! Can you post the song titles of some tracks Beyond the Black performed at your concert ad well? Highly appreciated
  10. Mainshow

    Within Temptation II

    Oh no! - I thought that the "Encore" part of the setlist was real ..... That's a letdown. Maybe I will get a slightly different setlist in Tilburg in late December than next week in Warsaw? - That would be great... even though, I wouldn't mind performing 20 songs
  11. Mainshow

    Within Temptation II

    Thank you! - I am so hyped 'cause they do perform my favourite WT songs of all-time ("The Howling", "The Heart Of Everything", "The Promise", "In The Middle Of The Night") I didn't expect to do all of them (just "Angels", "Jilian" are missing )
  12. Mainshow

    Tarja Turunen pt. III;branch_sub=0&amp;branch=1&amp;aid=16391755 You can already pre-order it on digital retailers
  13. Mainshow

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    Any news concerning the re-release of her Christmas album next month?
  14. Mainshow

    Within Temptation II

    I don't want to listen to any (fan/phone) recordings of the new tracks because I will see them live next week anyway. Super excited! It will be interesting to finally be able to listen to the new songs. I've been listening to Within Temptation & Beyond the Black songs all day long and I spontaneously bought a ticket for one of their shows in Tilburg in December marking the end of their current European tour. The date is AFTER the release of their album... I think that will be a great experience as well since I will be able to listen to the new songs again after getting to know the studio versions. I also can't wait to eat lots of Bitterballen as well
  15. Mainshow

    Within Temptation II

    I really hope they are about to release "Raise Your Banner" (since we somehow already've heard it). I would like 'em to save some previously unheard material for the album.