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    just once :(
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    Listening to "Sleeping Sun" (End of an Era) for the first time
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    Wishmaster (Tarja) / Ghost Love Score (Floor) / The Poet and the Pendulum (Floor)
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    Wishmaster/Dark Passion Play
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    Ever Dream
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    From Wishes to Eternity
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    Endless Forms Most Beautiful

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    The Unforgiving - Within Temptation

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  1. valice

    The Floor thread

    Been waiting for those uploads the whole day! so far I liked the most Samantha's version of "Our Decades in Sun", although After Forever oldie was pretty as well... and I do not dislike "Nemo", it's different but it seemed Floor had fun
  2. valice

    Within Temptation II

    It reminds me a little of "Ice Queen" video fancy planets in the background and so on.... I like the idea of having 2 Sharons but her face expressions when they meet each other are... interesting
  3. valice

    Within Temptation II

    The video of "Supernova" is going to be revealed today really happy they chose it.
  4. valice

    Within Temptation II

    Edit: Use spoiler - Serena
  5. valice


    Accidentally came across this new song and it has basically left me speechless. It wasn't what I expected at all from Delain, I mean, I always liked the band and such but there was never this "WOW" factor involved as many of their songs seemed similar to each other and a kind of repeatable. But this one.... lyrics, video scenery, instruments and of course Charlotte's voice comes together so beautifully! Also, this track beats down "In Vain" by WT (as much as I adore them) in my judgment... it sounds much deeper, complex and unique. clap, clap, clap - well done Delain!
  6. valice

    Decades World Tour 2018

    @Imagineer Fingers crossed but in case of Krakow gig it seemed that you had to arrive many many hours prior to the show to get the place close to the stage so better pack your tent and be there in the morning
  7. valice

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Very gooood evening guys! I've attended the concert at Tauron Arena in Krakow yesterday and wanna share my feelings with you... actually I just feel like repeating how magical and wonderful and perfect this night was and I was and still am so impressed with many aspects of the show. I hope we'll get the video of it as they mentioned that they will do it either in Krakow or Prague. First of all, the venue was huge - total capacity of this arena is 22,000 and obviously they didn't use the whole space but still, there was something like 16,000 fans there... totally packed. Floor seemed to be surprised with how many people came also the pyros were truly big part of the show, I don't really pay attention to then while watching videos but they are really impressing live. We were standing quite far but we could still feel the heat on our faces when they were on moving on - I used to be tired with them playing IWMTB on every single show but maaan, everybody was having such a great time and it gave me shivers to jump along a few thousands of other people. Then, a song which I didn't think would impress me - The Carpenter.... I mean, I do like to listen to the studio version on my headphones but live videos of it did not convince me... till yesterday when I completely changed my mind. It really feels like the song takes you 20 years back - simply magical. The show ended with GLS during which they fired red confetti that reminded me of End of an Era...and I saw some people crying at the end (including myself). Besides that, the band looked very happy, Floor & Emppu & Troy had a few of cute moments - e.g. Floor pulling the strings pf Emppu's guitar at the final minutes of the show. Only Marco seemed a little rigid :/ but it might be a false impression. Well, I hope to see them again soon, perhaps 2021 during the next European tour? seems realistic considering that they go to the studio this summer.
  8. valice

    Within Temptation II

    really?! haven't done my research and never realized that they played that far and the time difference is so huge.... time to search the web for some new music then ^^
  9. valice

    Within Temptation II

    What time does the concert start?
  10. valice

    Within Temptation

    I've just listened to The Reckoning.... couldn't RESIST! and I think I like it better than anything from Hydra (which is the only WT album I don't have in my collection) ! It surprises me that many metal bands are going into electronic direction and it actually works... The growls at the beginning remind me of "The Bee" by Amorphis which I've been addicted to since its release date Can I pre-order the album already, please?
  11. valice

    Decades (The Album)

    I've pre-ordered my copy a few months ago and it didn't arrive today! :(((( I'm broken although I know all songs by heart
  12. valice

    Tarja Turunen pt. III

    I agree, in case of Tarja and Tuomas it' seems to be way more personal issue and it's awkward to imagine them together on stage. Maybe in another 10 years... yet seeing Tarja and Marco getting along brings a big smile to my face. Also, I wouldn't say that he sounded weak ;P
  13. I've noticed that somebody has already posted it here but... it's just the fist automatic thought that comes to my mind as much as I love this song, the video just doesn't work... and cowboy hats didn't appeal to me either....
  14. valice

    Anette Olzon

    Probably it depends on how much they earn on this album and if the label wants to continue but I wouldn't expect Anette being fully committed to any full-time musical projects since she wants to be a nurse and she doesn't like extensive touring we'll see... Anyway TDE is much better than Shine, if her voice was a little less overtuned I would like it even more!
  15. Having a 24 songs setlist would be too beautiful to be true (unless they merge some songs making them shorter). I would assume that they not gonna play more than 2 songs from Angels Fall First (just a feeling) and EFMB since they strongly promoted this album during the last tour... and I also hope they gonna eventually leave Storytime as it seems like it's been played every single show since Imaginaerum is out. Enough