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    I woke up in the middle of the night and saw Nemo on tv. It was in may of 2004.
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    Everdream with Floor
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    Higher than hope

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    Tristania - Tender trip on earth
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    Tristania - Ashes

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    I had two albino rats, but they both died :(

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  1. You know what I mean... Music that is underground or just never got a chance to be presented to larger audience but deserves to be. Or maybe some good stuff from not so good bands.
  2. DrunkRat

    Anette Olzon

    I bet he likes her too, as a "decant manboy" .
  3. DrunkRat

    Beautiful People

    @hunebedbouwer - That's taken from your bloody paintings collection ;)? Sure, that's true passion ;). But I don't like actresses in that movie. If Mal would come near me with a knife, I would surrender in a second <3
  4. DrunkRat

    Beautiful People

    I was always wondering if girls find Marco attractive or not btw main actress from Inception: I like the angle of this one: Her character in the movie is so... perfect. I like possessive girls
  5. DrunkRat


    "In the album of simple songs every track is a perfect one" I guess that is his motto now. I believe that in the narrative part of Song of myself he has explained his philosophy to details... He wants to be an old man who feels like a child and lives his life as a child :D. That's ok, cause Michael Jackson wanted to be a white skinned 5yo girl... so, it's common in music industry :).
  6. DrunkRat

    Cover songs

    I like scream on the end of this one it's amateur cover, only vocals
  7. DrunkRat


    Well, it sure seem a little bit unrealistic, but it's Tuomas, what did you expect :P. I'd like to see if we'll have some poetry locked in a safe after he is gone... I mean, if old version of Annette succeed in finding a code. ps. don't know if I actually understood these two
  8. DrunkRat


    I like old man dancing in the field, it's my fetish. It's sad that Tuomas didn't use those girls from "Bye bye beautiful", that would make it even megagreat Has anyone noticed similarity in message of Elan, Night 13 and the whole movie Imaginaerum? Old people being born again just before using art as some kind of bridge to death, peace, or eternity... Some kind of spiritual awakening when you realize that your time has come. But it's not painful, they are released from burden called life. Accepting death makes them timeless, and they are in their mind already one with the universe. It's just my interpretation (Tuomas will tell you what the song is really about) ;). Johanna's voice... well... sweet, more for some neoclassical than neofolk music. Something like this -
  9. DrunkRat

    Within Temptation

    It's ok to be romantic and oversensitive. And most of all it's ok to care about other people. If you weren't yourself the sensitive one you wouldn't care. And you care because you recognize yourself in such story, as I do... Or maybe I'm wrong. I'm more a psycho than a psychologist. WT expectations - between poor and fair. Hydra was weak. Next album should be "dehydrated".
  10. DrunkRat


    Five stages of acceptance: 1. Step one - DENIAL - Hey, this is good! 2. Step two - ANGER No way! This can't be happening! 3. Step three - BARGAINING - please God, I will never say anything bad about Annette era, I promise... 4. Step four - DEPRESSION - how can you go on and continue with your life after hearing something like this... 5. Step five - ACCEPTANCE - hey, it could be worse... it's ok... Life's got to change. Maybe things won't be as good as they were before, but at least they will be different. It's hard, but I can live with it.
  11. DrunkRat


    No way! " No-one can destroy the metal The metal will strike you down with a vicious blow " @some_dude_on_the_interwebs That album kicks ass.
  12. DrunkRat


    Troy is a true metalhead, without his pipes, I wouldn't even consider nw as a metal band That's the chain reaction I'm talking about :). Pro-troyish vs anti-troyish fans. And it stops when one of us dies :).
  13. DrunkRat


    No. It's about poor Johanna. I can't stop thinking how she must feel about Tuomas and Troy being that close for all this time... it's negativity chain reaction - Troy is negative about metal music, I'm negative about being negative about metal music, and then comes the rest
  14. DrunkRat


    Sure, you have some :)? I like cheesy music too. Troy is the one who started this conversation about genres, sounds like he is tired of seeing some people in the audience . It's all the time like "we are too mature to listen to metal music" ... Quite unnecessary to say. I'm too mature to agree with people who think that kind of way. ps. some cheese for you
  15. DrunkRat


    What he wanted to say is that album will be soft , slow and blurred, and hippie-piping to the most extreme point of boredom also, to disclaim all responsibility for possible brain damage on those people who wish to hear music with some kind of energy (any kind of energy) in it