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    Tampere, Finland


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    My father and especially my uncle have always been fans and I picked it from them
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    Stargazers feat. Sami at Himos Park
  • Best Live Song
    The Kinslayer
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    Endless Forms Most Beautiful album cover
  • Favourite DVD
    Vehicle of Spirit
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    Tomas Haake
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    Matt Bellamy
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    Matt Bellamy
  • Favourite Bassist
    Chris Wolstenholme
  • Favourite Pianist/Keyboard Player
    Tuomas and Matt Bellamy have to split this
  • Favourite Non NW Song?
    Space Dementia by Muse
  • Best Concert Attended
    Muse @ Reading 2017
  • Favourite Non NW Album?
    Origin of Symmetry by Muse
  • Favourite Composer?
    Same as fav pianist
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    Generic pop, modern rap, generic electronic music such as big room

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    Good scotch single malt
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    Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, England, Estonia, Latvia
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    CD's, whisky
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    Two cats
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    Bass(main instrument), guitar and drums
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    Slight aviophobia, only really the takeoffs


  • Favourite Director(s)
    Sergio Leone, Aleksi Mäkelä, Tapio Piirainen
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    Star Wars(original trilogy), Dollars Trilogy

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  1. It's bad, but, you know it's... there.
  2. I've now watched videos of Elvenpath way too many times and I have to say, holy hell! Floor absolutely kicks ass on it! I've always loved the chorus in it and she just sends it to new levels. Ohmygod.
  3. It's not a ballad, but I'm gonna stand behind the idea of giving Moondance a try live.
  4. Here's a wild card for what to play over SS: Moondance.
  5. I actually love Sleeping Sun. The problem is, it's been played a gazillion times. Give it a tour off.
  6. 1. Please no 2. Please no 3. Please no 4. OK 5. For the love of god no 6. Pls gib
  7. Meh, been just chatting about this with friends mostly so far tbh. I don't mind the arguing over that but there's just so much more in the gigs that I've seen zero talk about
  8. Watches the argument in the corner and wonders why arguing "Is the Swanheart-intro a song that should be listed in setlisfm a song or part of the intro" is the biggest talking point everyone is making of this amazing tour that, at least I've personally been waiting for god damn years now, ever since the first whispers of this maybe happening surfaced.
  9. So about The Carpenter... 1) I don't think it's their worst song. I don't love it, but my pick for the worst song is bit of an oddball - The Riddler. It's bland, it's boring and seems like it was thrown onto Oceanborn as filler. 2) I still think they absolutely should switch The Carpenter for something else. Dead Gardens or Wanderlust, anyone? 3) Yes, Nympho is as bad as TC. You guys are a twisted bunch
  10. Honestly... I highly dislike Imaginaerum for many reasons. It has been mixed and mastered badly imho, I find many of the songs forgettable and even music-wise, it's their second weakest album imho, with only Angels bombing below it. But due to said other reasons, it's by far my least favorite NW-album. Puts on a bomb suit and ducks for cover
  11. Haha, indeed! I don't think there's many -96's who can say they've seen NW with all the members either?
  12. Yep. Swear to god I'm not kidding. Was 9 years old.
  13. I'm gonna limit it to the shows I've been at - Otherwise I would ramble on forever. And saying that, I find very few performances, if any, can top Stargazers with Sami at Himos. Also probably worth mentioning I'm a bassist and that might add to the epicness of this. That also "completed Nightwish" for me, I've now seen them with all the members live. Saw them with Tarja at EOAA, with Anette in Tampere 2012 and twice with Floor, Tampere 2015 Ratina and the gig on the video.
  14. There's couple: Something about Floor's version of TPatP is just magical "Space Dementia" by Muse is just magical. One of the greatest rock songs without guitar all-time
  15. So, Muse is probably the only band that goes above NW in my all-time favorites. Had seen them 3 times before last summer and I knew the risk I took when making the trip from Finland to Reading to see them, they can be a spotty live band, with sometimes incredible performances and other times(mainly indoor arenas and festivals) they seem flat out bored. What we got was legitimately top-3 greatest moments of my life. Showbiz live and they freaking nailed it. The only time I've actually cried at a gig. Some songs have made me sob, but not just straight out cry like this did. Just generally a great live band, with few let-down gigs every tour. Plus they seem to hate gigging in NA.