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    My father and especially my uncle have always been fans and I picked it from them
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    Stargazers feat. Sami at Himos Park
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    The Kinslayer
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    Endless Forms Most Beautiful album cover
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    Vehicle of Spirit
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    Tomas Haake
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    Matt Bellamy
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    Matt Bellamy
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    Chris Wolstenholme
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    Tuomas and Matt Bellamy have to split this
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    Space Dementia by Muse
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    Muse @ Reading 2017
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    Origin of Symmetry by Muse
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    Same as fav pianist
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    Generic pop, modern rap, generic electronic music such as big room

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    Good scotch single malt
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    Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, England, Estonia, Latvia
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    CD's, whisky
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    Two cats
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    Bass(main instrument), guitar and drums
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    Slight aviophobia, only really the takeoffs


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    Sergio Leone, Aleksi Mäkelä, Tapio Piirainen
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    Star Wars(original trilogy), Dollars Trilogy

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  1. KebabScout

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Oh I would absolutely love to hear Nightquest, too. It's just a living meme with me and a group of my friends who are big-time NW fans. But it's still a great song. .... Wait, Astral or Nympho? My sarcasm detector is confused now.
  2. KebabScout

    Decades World Tour 2018

    - The Carpenter + Nightquest ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3. KebabScout

    Decades World Tour 2018

    "Metal" is an extremely broad genre though. Most people actually would call this a metal song(even if in the ligher end of the spectrum), but you're saying Élan isn't? OK then... sure.
  4. KebabScout

    Decades World Tour 2018

    OOOOOOH MY GOD YES Now, there's one more thing that's left... and we all know what that is.
  5. KebabScout

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Btw, kinda just thinking about following tours... they gotta take a few of the oldies on this special tour back to regular rotation, right? Right? Stuff like Kinslayer, Elvenpath, maybe Gethsemane even? Also... gonna edit in bit of a rambling: I'm going to see them 2 or 3 times this year, first is gonna be in Lahti. That gig is going to be such an amazing moment for me personally, because it sort of closes a circle. The first time I saw them live, was the End of an Era-gig. Bunch of those songs are played on this tour and, even though I was 9 years old in 2005, I can remember many songs very clearly. I can also remember how, being a kid, after hearing Tarja got kicked out of the band after that, I lost any interest to them for years and how it was Floor who made me a fanboy again. And now they're doing this. All of the dots are just coming together and connecting to that gig. If they also pull... well, you know, the thing(please don't tell me I have to explain what I mean), in any of those gigs, it's just gonna be even sweeter. God I can't wait.
  6. KebabScout

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Alright, I know this is silly and has been probably suggested before, but am I the only one who would like to hear a bit, even just one line in one song, of vocals, be it backing or main, from Emppu? Yeah it's a silly idea but I would love it, even just as a bit of a joke.
  7. KebabScout

    List of Nightwish songs you've heard live

    Looking at this thread and even just my list, they actually have amazing song variety in setlists/tours. I knew they were good at it but this is just amazing. Compared to my other favortie, Muse, they usually have a basic structure and slot rotating songs around those, whereas NW seems to make completely new sets for each tour and still have a bit of rotation.
  8. KebabScout

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Yeah, haha, super funny. You want me to make fun of your favorite bands too?
  9. KebabScout

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I don't think the visuals are necessarily bad(actually they're quite good imo), but when you look at what bands like Muse can do with simple lighting and few screens, improvement isn't impossible, although it also isn't necessary.
  10. Okay, so this is actually an idea I first saw in Muse's forums, but: For those of us who've seen the band live, how about we post lists of all the songs we've heard live? - No playbacks(aka. intros etc) - Remember to mark multiples if you've heard the song multiple times live! I'll start with my 4 shows: Dark Chest of Wonders x2 - Tarja and Floor Planet Hell x2 - Tarja and Anette Ever Dream - Tarja The Kinslayer - Tarja The Phantom of the Opera(cover) - Tarja The Siren x2 - Tarja and Anette Sleeping Sun x2 - Tarja and Floor High Hopes(cover) - Tarja Bless The Child x2 - Tarja and Floor Wishmaster x2 - Tarja and Floor Slaying the Dreamer - Tarja Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan - Tarja Nemo x3 - Tarja, Floor and Anette Ghost Love Score x2 - Tarja and Floor Stone People(cover) - Tarja Creek Mary's Blood - Tarja Over the Hills and Far Away x2 - Tarja and Anette Wish I had an Angel x2 - Tarja and Anette Storytime x3 - Anette x1, Floor x2 Amaranth x2 - Anette and Floor Slow, Love, Slow - Anette I Want my Tears Back x2 - Anette and Floor The Crow, The Owl and The Dove - Anette The Islander x2 - Anette and Floor Last of the Wilds Ghost River - Anette Dead to the World - Anette Finlandia(cover) Song of Myself - Anette Last Ride of the Day x3 - Anette x1, Floor x2 Shudder Before the Beautiful x2 Yours is an Empty Hope x2 She is my SIn - Floor My Walden x2 Élan x2 Weak Fantasy x2 Endless Forms Most Beautiful Alpenglow x2 Stargazers x2 - Floor The Greatest Show on Earth x2 - Both times the full version While Your Lips are Still Red - Floor Sahara - Floor The Poet and the Pendulum - Floor
  11. W A N D E R L U S T Okay seriously. I don't know why, but I fricking love it even though it's quite not what you think of at first when you think of Nightwish.
  12. KebabScout

    Decades World Tour 2018

    It's bad, but, you know it's... there.
  13. KebabScout

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I've now watched videos of Elvenpath way too many times and I have to say, holy hell! Floor absolutely kicks ass on it! I've always loved the chorus in it and she just sends it to new levels. Ohmygod.
  14. KebabScout

    Decades World Tour 2018

    It's not a ballad, but I'm gonna stand behind the idea of giving Moondance a try live.
  15. KebabScout

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Here's a wild card for what to play over SS: Moondance.