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  1. Risky

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I wanted to, it would be my first, but it's my daughter's birthday and I wouldn't miss it. Particularly as she likes Nightwish, at least some tunes.
  2. Risky

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I was thinking about the live album that will come from this. It would be cool if rather than two arena shows with near-identical set lists as per VoS, they did one big arena one (say Tampere), and another smaller venue, e.g. a secret/surprise end of tour gig where they do a different setlist skipping some of the standards for some other songs that suited the occasion (e.g. My Walden for Elan etc, etc).
  3. Risky

    The Floor thread

    Thanks, I had started that one but skipped after a bloke started singing over it but luckily he stopped. Hopefully they will return to this some day, particularly as we only have recordings just after Floor joined and I think the song has potential to be even better now.
  4. Risky

    The Floor thread

    Is there any good quality recording of "The Crow, The Owl and The Dove" (TCTOTD?) with Floor. I have heard the Rio recordings which seem to have wowed the audience but I can barely hear her in them. I hope they come back to it again as she always seems to add more to these songs if she gets the chance and it's well suited to her, before we even get to Troys's really strong solos.
  5. Risky

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Saw them once. Hammersmith Odeon, Autumn '88. Nearly 30 years ago!
  6. Risky

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Sounded good, real good.
  7. Risky

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Are you all assuming that Tuomas doesn't suddenly decide to change direction and recruit a sax player or something else...............
  8. Risky

    The Marco thread

    I was listening again to High Hopes live and wondered if this was perhaps his best vocal. I'll confess, I prefer it when he sings rather than shouts.
  9. Risky

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Do you think there's any chance of a live album and/or blu-ray from this tour? I tend to listen mostly in the car at the moment and VoS+STST(correct abbreviation?) tends to be my preference over the studio albums. Also quite a few of there tracks are likely to be pretty rare on the set list in future tours. Or is there an issue with having a third live release with Floor before the second studio release?
  10. Risky

    Thoughts of a relative newbie

    Well I got into Nightwish just before last Christmas by what might be the strangest route of all. I had been taking a rare excursion to YouTube to listen to covers of old Fleetwood Mac songs and saw in the side bar "Finlandia (Jean Sibelius Cover)". Now as it happens Sibelius is perhaps my favourite classical composer and Finlandia is wonderful stuff so I clicked in, found a bloke playing some sort of celtic pipes with a rock band behind him which sounded good and I clicked on to be initially astonished by Floor's vocals and then by the songs themselves. I bought EFMB, then Storytime Showtime and VoS all of which have had a lot of play in the last three months and then this last week got DPP and Once. There is a problem though that I know the live versions of a lot of these and it means that some of the highpoints of the albums are taken away because you think you would rather be listening to the live (TPATP, GLS obviously, but several others too) and I'm so so sure they will as much play, though there are some great tracks that I hadn't heard before or only seen a bad live video.