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  1. Do you think there's any chance of a live album and/or blu-ray from this tour? I tend to listen mostly in the car at the moment and VoS+STST(correct abbreviation?) tends to be my preference over the studio albums. Also quite a few of there tracks are likely to be pretty rare on the set list in future tours. Or is there an issue with having a third live release with Floor before the second studio release?
  2. Well I got into Nightwish just before last Christmas by what might be the strangest route of all. I had been taking a rare excursion to YouTube to listen to covers of old Fleetwood Mac songs and saw in the side bar "Finlandia (Jean Sibelius Cover)". Now as it happens Sibelius is perhaps my favourite classical composer and Finlandia is wonderful stuff so I clicked in, found a bloke playing some sort of celtic pipes with a rock band behind him which sounded good and I clicked on to be initially astonished by Floor's vocals and then by the songs themselves. I bought EFMB, then Storytime Showtime and VoS all of which have had a lot of play in the last three months and then this last week got DPP and Once. There is a problem though that I know the live versions of a lot of these and it means that some of the highpoints of the albums are taken away because you think you would rather be listening to the live (TPATP, GLS obviously, but several others too) and I'm so so sure they will as much play, though there are some great tracks that I hadn't heard before or only seen a bad live video.