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    My father bought “Imaginaerum”, fell in love with it instantly.
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    Zero, but I have met Tuomas in person a couple of years ago.
  • Most Memorable NW Memory
    Meeting Tuomas Holopainen and having my favourtie albums signed
  • Most Prized Nightwish Item
    Still sealed gold Earbook of “Endless Forms Most Beautiful”; Signed “Storytime”-Single.
  • Best Live Song
  • Favourite Album
    Endless Forms Most Beautiful
  • Favourite Song
  • Favourite Album/Single Artwork
    Endless Forms Most Beautiful
  • Favourite Music Video
    Storytime. Has a really unique touch and I love the setting.
  • Favourite DVD
    End of Innocence. Such an honest insight, it’s almost a little frightening.
  • Least Favourite Album
    Angels Fall First, though I’m not the biggest fan of Once either to be honest.
  • Least Favourite Song
    End of All Hope, I’ll never get used to it.

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    Too many to list here.
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    Appearantly music.
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    Yes, one cat.
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    Not yet, but at the moment, I’m learning
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    Too many to list here, I’m afraid.

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    None to be honest, I do think that music videos got quite bad with time though…
  • Favourite Drummer
    Phil Collins
  • Favourite Singer
    Tobias Sammet
  • Favourite Pianist/Keyboard Player
    Tuomas Holopainen
  • Favourite Non NW Song?
    Avantasia – Savior in the Clockwork
  • Best Concert Attended
    Avantasia (Ghostlights Tour 2016)
  • Favourite Non NW Album?
    Avantasia – The Mystery of Time
  • Favourite Composer?
    Tuomas Holopainen
  • Favourite Band/Artist?
  • Musical Dislikes (Songs, Bands etc)
    Anything with genuinely bad songwriting


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    I can think of a couple great ones, it’s the usual suspects though…
  • Favourite Director(s)
    Christopher Nolan
  • Favourite Movie(s)
    The Dark Knight
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    The Dark Knight
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    Richard Dawkins
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    The God Delusion, The Htichhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
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    Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

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  1. Adrn_2810

    Nightwish Off Topic

    On the risk of sounding like a broken record I still don’t get why people care so much about what random people trying to make a quick and cheap buck out of a band’s popularity have to say about their respective singer. Like anyone, especially fans, needed to be told Floor was a great singer. And why do they sometimes look like a deer about to be hit by a truck in the thumbnail?
  2. Adrn_2810

    Within Temptation II

    I am of the opinion that this rant is unnescessary and the exact opposite of how to deal with a discussion. Seriously, what is even going on? I thought this thread was about the band and not the definition of an ethical standpoint? Besides "bigot" being the right term used in this given context (those who are intolerant of the opinions of others, i.e. those who are intolerant of the idea of sexual freedom) this whole thing seems to have grown into a discussion just for the sake of it (given that it seems the people involved all share the opinion of sexual freedom hence agree with the sentiment of the band). So, what's the point (other than calling someone out, publically, also probably just for the sake of it, given it's for such a relatively (no offense) random comment)? This is probably a joke, in these days that's always a possibility, so maybe I didn't get it right away, but if it's not, there are some serious issues to fixed regarding debating style and the like ... (Anyway, I shall continue to type the word FACTS only in uppercase letters from now on; this is way too funny). //end of my unnescessary rant, so let's go back to topic so we can all be friends again?
  3. Adrn_2810

    Ask Nightwish 2018 - Announcement

    Something tells me this whole endeavour is rather dead.
  4. Adrn_2810

    2020/2021 Tour Setlist

    They should retire Ghost Love Score at least for a while, though;
  5. Adrn_2810


    I think the same, but they should really work with a real orchestra again, the “strings” in Ghost in the Moon for example sound really, really artificial … Aaaand if they wouldn’t brickwall the shit out of the whole thing, that I wouldn’t mind either. Some tracks are real close to Dark Passion Play in terms of compression and clipping; it’s not a fun listen in that regard …
  6. Adrn_2810

    Reaction videos (to music)

    You literally just have to record yourself watching and reacting to it. It’s hysterically close to being as minimalistic as possible.
  7. Adrn_2810

    Nightwish Off Topic

    hm I think it is an improvement. Not a big fan of Jay-Z at all, but I like the idea of that kind of service at least being around. I can see though, why this is somewhat niche. I highly doubt that it is anywhere close to noticeable, from what the spectrogram suggests, the files they use actually are a good bit better than those of a CD. That said, nobody could possibly tell anyway just by listening. > Just saying though, I don’t care if no one does. Anyway, I don’t feel like advertising; I just remembered someone aked about high-res Nightwish some time ago, so there is that.
  8. Adrn_2810

    Nightwish Off Topic

    This is funny, there is this online service called Tidal that claims to offer high res music files and I thought it is kind of bollocks given that there no *better* version to buy that the 24bit/48kHz version of EFMB but they actually seem to offer the original master files with 24bit/96kHz for streaming. No idea why they are not for regular digital purchase but this is legit awesome. Someone asked where to get high res files some time ago, so I guess this is the place to go. You have to rip it with Audacity though, I guess.
  9. Hahaa, not surprised at all, it *does* suck, but I cannot choose what I like. 😂 I think they have /better/ songs in that there are more ambitious pieces but what makes a favourite is determined by other criteria. I stand firmly behind Élan as I was listening to it a lot lately, despite me being very indifferent to it when it was released. I somehow think that it would be okay-er if I said Nemo instead, albeit that both are very similar in terms of structure and all that. Not every song has to be exciting as to go from 0 to a 100 immediately. I like the melody, especially in the verses, the positive vibe it spreads and that it is not trying to be bigger than it is. Of course, everything is relative, but this is a rather modest track and that is a nice change of pace. I hate to be a blasphemer but I do not care so much about the vocals of Tarja. I dig their old stuff a lot, but I got into them while Imaginaerum was brand new and only did so because I am a huge sucker for orchestral music in general, so I generally prefer their post Once stuff. I used to listen to the instrumental versions a lot (still hoping the ones for Once are going to see the light of day at some point). That said Floor is their best singer, no doubt about it (at least in my book). As for live versions, I like them, but since I first and foremost care about the music underneath the vocals (and because while being impressive live they still do not shake things up that much really) I usually prefer the studio versions. If they used a real orchester live, I might see things slightly differently though. You know what /really/ sucks -- I think EFMB is their best album 😏
  10. < Alright, this seems fun, so let’s give it a shot :D > Alpenglow (5 pts) > I’m not entirely sure why exactly this one stuck as it did, but it is my favourite song since release. Of any band. I admit it may not be their most complex piece (or their best in an objective sense) but it is and always will be a great way to turn a sad day into a great one. The lyrics strike a nice balance between being imaginative and being direct without being cheesy. Also, this song’s build up and chrous are perfect; I wonder why it never was released for a single after all (though in the We Were Here book they claim the label wanted it to be exactly that and the band decided against it. Shame, because even the artwork in the booklet is just so wonderful I would have loved it on a cover.) Sahara (3 pts) > I remember first listening to it and not liking it that much (though I found the intro already insanely catchy). This one did really grow on me, it is one of their more experimental tracks and works far more well that it seems at first sight. Anette really nails the vocals and I don’t know why, but I like the middle section that clearly inspired the one in Storytime a couple of years later. It is a shame the album itself is so compressed, after I (finally) got my hands on a copy of the DVD-Audio version (which is also compressed but by far not as much) I had a much easier time learning to appreciate this great song. Weak Fantasy (3 pts) > This one needed a lot of time to grow on me but eventually won me over with how catchy it is, something I only realized after humming it randomly in the middle of the day. I like the lyrics, they are very clear in their message, without being offensive (though I realize not everyone shares this particular opinion). There is not that much more to say, really, I just like it for what it is. Romanticide (3 pts) > There seemingly was a somewhat consensus in many reviews that I read for Once that this track is a filler. I think the song has a great build-up and the break of their basic song structure with the part Marco does nicely shakes things up. The chorus is admittingly nothing to write home about. the verses and the aforementioned part are though. I’m not so thrilled about *OD* in the lyrics which I think means *overdose* but other than that I like this one very much. The uncompressed DVD-Audio version sounds infinitely better; that certainly helped to appreciate this song a lot. The Greatest Show on Earth (3 pts) > The fanbase seems torn on whether this is the masterpiece the band announced prior to album release. I think it is. I’m a huge Dawkins fan, the lines he recites are wonderful (and well-placed; metal bands often have a hard time just placing voice overs, Nightwish usually excels at that at least in my opinion). The topic is genuinely interesting and the shouting of we were here still does send some shivers down my spine (especially live). I love how the lyrics manage to be very descriptive without feeling forced or empty. The respective chapters could be easily divided into single songs, some see that as a weakness but I think it helps making everything a lot more acessible. The song is more like a small concept EP in that regard. I can see why the animal noises in the end aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, I skip them too sometimes, but they give the album as a whole a nice ending touch an they just fit thematically that I can easily live with them taking three or four minutes (That said, The Greatest Show on Earth is a debatable opener for a compilation still). < Alright these were my favourite five, now to the sweet rest > Escapist (1 pt) > Just a nice track with an interesting build up, an infectious chorus and nice vocals (that Anette was able to pull off live quite nicely). Should have replaced Amaranth as an album track and as a single, this one is severely underappreciated (mostly by the band who seems to be not at all interested in performing it live these days). Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean (1 pt) > Power Metal at its finest; the middle section where the guitars and the keys duel each other is just pure awesomeness. Last of the Wilds (1 pt) > Just a nice instrumental (though the version with Jonsu is nice too, especially the lyrics themselves) that is easy to digest and is basically always a go-to song for me. Feel For You (1 pt) > Kind of underrated if you ask me. The verses are rather magical and the chorus really does stick. Definetly my favourite from Century Child. Slow, Love, Slow (1 pt) > Their best balladesque song in my opinion. The vocals are nearly perfect and this is a perfect example of an orchestra enhancing a song. The instrumental and orchestral versions deserve a mention too, they each have a slightly different vibe to them that just works for me at least. Élan (1 pt) > Many people don’t like this one, not sure why (though I have a hunch it is more about expectations that weren’t met), because it is perfect single material. I like the instrumental version and would almost have picked it, but the lyrics of the album version are just so well written that I couldn’t. Arabesque (1 pt) > For the short pleasure it is, I dig it a lot for the fabulous arrangement and overall drive. It really underscored the soundtrack aspect of Imaginaerum and I percieve it more as this exciting piece of a soundtrack that an interlude. Storytime (1 pt) > The first song of theirs that I really loved so this one is especially dear to me for nostalgic reasons. The orchestration is way over the top and I love it. I could have done without the weird effect on Anette’s vocals though (you should check out the demo version ( if you’re not sure what I’m talking about. I think they doubled it or something like that in the final version to make her sound more powerful). < All songs are meant to be the regular album version, I almost forgot to mention that. I really love to read what you folks think :D >
  11. Adrn_2810

    Beast In Black

    I really dig it, the album is just as insane as Berserker
  12. Adrn_2810


    Just had a listen to the new single which happens to be the title track. Really dig it, sounds a little bit like Amaranth at least in the chorus, the voice of Candice Night is really something else and certainly one of the most enchanting vocal lines I heard in a long time. If both singles and the sound clips are anything to go by, this album is going to be fantastic! Before anyone asks, the track was on a little Avantasia EP on german RockHard magazine, I think the official release is this friday
  13. Adrn_2810

    The Old Era

    Yeah, I remember them wanting to release the instrumental version of the album as a bonus disc. They really hope they try again and settle this at some point (first and foremost because it is such a minor thing, and second, I really love their instrumentals)
  14. Adrn_2810

    Decades World Tour 2018

    good one
  15. Adrn_2810

    Arch Enemy

    I think if only they understood what commercial use is supposed to mean, this whole thing would die as quickly as it should. The photographer has the rights to his own photography, by default, anyone using it without permission violates these rights, even the fan sites. He clearly states he doesn’t mind (at least if he’s given credit, which is reasonable in the business) them being used even by the band itself, given they are not distributed in an advertising context. If somebody uses it to either promote or even showcase a service thus indirectly advertising that service, that is commercial use and his disposition is justified. Clearly the managment has no idea what to say, either claiming that they either went to help a friend in giving her the authorisation for the photos (which they never had to give in the first place), or denying any copyright infringement at all. They should really bite the bullet and apologize. > maybe they should follow Thunderball Clothing on this: