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  • How Did You Discover Nightwish
    My father bought “Imaginaerum”, fell in love with it instantly.
  • How Many Times Seen Live?
    Zero, but I have met Tuomas in person a couple of years ago.
  • Most Memorable NW Memory
    Meeting Tuomas Holopainen and having my favourtie albums signed
  • Most Prized Nightwish Item
    Still sealed gold Earbook of “Endless Forms Most Beautiful”; Signed “Storytime”-Single.
  • Best Live Song
  • Favourite Album
    Endless Forms Most Beautiful
  • Favourite Song
  • Favourite Album/Single Artwork
    Endless Forms Most Beautiful
  • Favourite Music Video
    Storytime. Has a really unique touch and I love the setting.
  • Favourite DVD
    End of Innocence. Such an honest insight, it’s almost a little frightening.
  • Least Favourite Album
    Angels Fall First, though I’m not the biggest fan of Once either to be honest.
  • Least Favourite Song
    End of All Hope, I’ll never get used to it.

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    Too many to list here.
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    Appearantly music.
  • Do You Have Pets
    Yes, one cat.
  • Do You Play An Instrument
    Not yet, but at the moment, I’m learning
  • Phobias
    Too many to list here, I’m afraid.

General Music

  • Favourite Music Video
    None to be honest, I do think that music videos got quite bad with time though…
  • Favourite Drummer
    Phil Collins
  • Favourite Singer
    Tobias Sammet
  • Favourite Pianist/Keyboard Player
    Tuomas Holopainen
  • Favourite Non NW Song?
    Avantasia – Savior in the Clockwork
  • Best Concert Attended
    Avantasia (Ghostlights Tour 2016)
  • Favourite Non NW Album?
    Avantasia – The Mystery of Time
  • Favourite Composer?
    Tuomas Holopainen
  • Favourite Band/Artist?
  • Musical Dislikes (Songs, Bands etc)
    Anything with genuinely bad songwriting


  • Favourite Actor/Actress
    I can think of a couple great ones, it’s the usual suspects though…
  • Favourite Director(s)
    Christopher Nolan
  • Favourite Movie(s)
    The Dark Knight
  • Favourite TV Show(s)/Series
  • Favourite Movie Soundtrack
    The Dark Knight
  • Favourite Author
    Richard Dawkins
  • Favourite Book(s)
    The God Delusion, The Htichhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  • Favourite Comic Book/Anime
    Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

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  1. Adrn_2810

    The Old Era

    Yeah, I remember them wanting to release the instrumental version of the album as a bonus disc. They really hope they try again and settle this at some point (first and foremost because it is such a minor thing, and second, I really love their instrumentals)
  2. Adrn_2810

    Decades World Tour 2018

    good one
  3. Adrn_2810

    Arch Enemy

    I think if only they understood what commercial use is supposed to mean, this whole thing would die as quickly as it should. The photographer has the rights to his own photography, by default, anyone using it without permission violates these rights, even the fan sites. He clearly states he doesn’t mind (at least if he’s given credit, which is reasonable in the business) them being used even by the band itself, given they are not distributed in an advertising context. If somebody uses it to either promote or even showcase a service thus indirectly advertising that service, that is commercial use and his disposition is justified. Clearly the managment has no idea what to say, either claiming that they either went to help a friend in giving her the authorisation for the photos (which they never had to give in the first place), or denying any copyright infringement at all. They should really bite the bullet and apologize. > maybe they should follow Thunderball Clothing on this:
  4. Adrn_2810

    Arch Enemy

    Yeah, they better pull their heads out of their asses and issue an apology. A PR-manager probably really wouldn’t hurt, these statements are rather painful to read …
  5. Adrn_2810

    The Old Era

    I think you might be reading a little bit too much into his statement
  6. Adrn_2810

    Decades World Tour 2018

    They probably aren't so much focusing on from which album which song is, rather than to pick the songs they themselves like or just enjoy playing. In my book, it makes sense that, for example, Tuomas wouldn't, consciously or not, pick so much from Century Child and Dark Passion Play since they seem to both somewhat recall a rather depressing period in his personal life. He also said at some point that Dark Chest of Wonders is just fun to play, doesn't surprise me at all it's back. Floor stated that Ghost Love Score is her personal favourite, so I doubt they will drop it anytime soon (though it's overdue) unless after three tours she herself becomes a little tired of it. Nemo just so happens to be their best known single (maybe apart from Amaranth), makes sense to include either actually, given their milestone status. I think Escapist and the like have a solid chance of being performed at some point in a future tour considering a song like While Your Lips Are Still Red was on the Wembly setlist no less and they make for a great surprise. I'm not sure why they dropped Deep Silent Complete, it even was a single release, I guess it's their way of shaking things up. To be fairly and completely honest, I am not such a huge fan of the current tour or even the concept behind it. The idea is neat but having to include songs from every album limits the setlist so much in that they, obviously, have to include some rarities, some "hits", some of the lenghty stuff and some songs they actually want to play and then have to make sure every release is represented. If I were them, I'd really double down and say, we really do play what we enjoy playing without any regards to release day or obligatory crowd pleasers; the fanbase would probably still be put off by it (because of course they'd be) but at least they technically could only shrug their shoulders then and say, I guess I just don't like this and that without being bothered by definitions of what makes a good or great setlist contender and what not. Thinking about it, I guess they even somewhat did that. Alright, never mind; well done, band that I like!
  7. Adrn_2810

    The Old Era

    Good thing you're there to change that so we don't have to bother
  8. Blue Forest is probably Shudder Before the Beautiful. The name itself likely refers to planet earth. I'm quite curious what "letter to fans" could mean ...
  9. Alice is probably Alpenglow; that would make sense given the reference to the Jub-Jub Bird in the lyrics
  10. Adrn_2810

    The Old Era

  11. Adrn_2810

    The Old Era

    I was genuinely curious what she meant since his statement is neutral regarding which album is their best, but whatever. I'd rather not have him or anyone misquoted, even for a techicality. Don't you want to wait for me to say something offensive before you get offended?
  12. Adrn_2810

    The Old Era

    You don't agree with him that it is one of his favourite albums?
  13. Adrn_2810

    The Old Era

    by which standard that is? And why is he a fool?
  14. Adrn_2810

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Regarding the poor mixing I should say that the live mix was phenomenal
  15. Adrn_2810

    Nightwish Off Topic

    There are DVD-Audio releases for Dark Passion Play and Once both with 48kHz/24bit (the former is rather hard to obtain, though), otherwise every Live DVD-release since Showtime, Storytime has a PCM with 48kHz/24bit. >I know, that was not the question but I should stress that anything above the standard of 44.1kHz/16bit is nowhere near audible; technically, humans can hear up to about 20kHz, normally anything above 17/18kHz is practically already inaudible and most equipement isn’t fit to actually play these high frequencies anyway. >Same goes for the bit-depth; there is no way (and I want to stress this even more), that anyone could honestly tell the difference between 16bit and 24bit. 16bit just means 2^16 or about 65,500 possibile spaces to technically store a particular point on within the borders of the maximum amplitude range. 2^24 is indeed a lot more precise with close to 17 million possible places, but large numbers do not always translate into a real effect for humans. Besides, through all the limiting, compressing and equalizing (which are essential parts of the mastering), the original signal is distorted anyway.