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  1. avalonkillah

    Nightwish Off Topic

    Has anybody posted this before? A backstage cover by Nightwish of the Battle Beast song "Show Me How to Die". I laughed through the whole thing actually burst out laughing when Troy shakes his head and goes "I'm not happy" They did it during a gig as well
  2. avalonkillah

    The Floor thread

    Well, props to Tim for doing a NW song... and I still keep hearing "Oh, how I wish for Smurfette's brain" Too bad about Henk if that's true. I think I would lose my sheeyot if he sang even just a part of GLS. Also, I guess many of the choices are dictated by the fact that the majority of these singers are - let's face it - not terribly versatile.
  3. avalonkillah

    The Floor thread

    Agreed, they shouldn't allow that - "this song was on the radio when you were at the dentist's, getting your tooth pulled". Can't complain about that James Brown performance by Emma, though
  4. avalonkillah

    Sonata Arctica

    I really didn't like the first single, then was actually pleasantly surprised by the second one... then, meh... They said in an interview that they brought in an engineer to make the album sound live a live album, because apparently people have told them they sound great live... well that seems like a very iffy idea to me, because there's so much that colours your perception of what any band sounds like when you hear them live it's crazy... be that as it may, the whole thing sounds really muffled.
  5. avalonkillah

    The Floor thread

    That performance of "Mama" simply destroyed me... and I think it destroyed everybody else, too. Sorry if this has been discussed already: so is this Beste Zangers thing a show where they a bunch of the country's singers (of a certain level of national recognition, I assume) and have them cover each other's songs? If so, can everybody pick which participant they're going to cover? Can each artist pick any song by the other artists? Has anybody covered anything by Floor yet? Thanks.
  6. avalonkillah


    This happens with Scandinavian bands as well. Nightwish have been guilty of this... Sonata Arctica have definitely been guilty of this. As for the band, they all seem to be really good musicians, but they seem to be singing and playing about nothing. Also, the gimmick of the singer using a vocoder to imitate growls does nothing for me, sorry.
  7. avalonkillah

    The Marco thread

    Very good points - and well articulated. The only minor "but" I have is that Tarja (as well as Marko) has had a pre-existing audience that followed her after she was let go from Nightwish (honestly, I would be surprised if the vast majority of NW's audience didn't do so, but perhaps I'm wrong), so in that respect, she was "safe" (at least for her first post-NW release). Also, I look at the Isaani Aani music video and I get the impression that Marko hasn't really splashed out on this release, while Tarja seems to insist on a more high-end production standard.
  8. avalonkillah

    The Marco thread

    Interesting - could you please elaborate on why Marko is in that position and Tarja isn't?
  9. avalonkillah

    What songs should Nightwish cover?

    I would love them to do "Follow Me" (as heard in Ghost in the Shell: Innocence): I think Floor would kill it!
  10. avalonkillah

    The Marco thread

    Really loving this album after giving it a bunch of spins over the last couple of months. I'm really glad itactually has, you know, some subtlety instead being in-your-face bombastic all the time. I have written on this forum before about how I felt that Tarja hasn't had a lot to say artistically outside of Nightwish (judging by what I heard of her solo stuff). I was worried that that may be the case with Marko as well, but those concerns were unnecessary - this is mature work from a mature artist.
  11. avalonkillah

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    1. "Here we have a good example of what I was referring to. Basically , "I wanted them to do something and they did not do that, so their album is crap" . Well yeah, it's pretty difficult to just completely shed your tastes, preferences, expectations etc. while attempting to form an opinion about a piece of art. 2. "First of all, we're not their bosses, so they owe us nothing". That's true, but in no way does that mean that we should fully accept and praise whatever artistic decision they make or artistic direction they go in - that's what fanboys/fangirsl/fanpeople do. That said, I'm a strong believer in "if you don't enjoy what artist X does, don't support their decisions financially". 3. "And third, just because they did not do what you wanted them to do, that does not make the end result crap". "The end result is crap" is an opinion. It makes no sense to argue for or against that opinion, just like it makes no sense to argue for or against "the Greatest Show on Earth is the pinnacle of Nightwish songwriting". 4. "But I do think it's objectively superior to WM". What are the objective criteria that make it objectively (as opposed to subjectively) superior? 5. "You don't have to like every single thing the band releases, but not liking them because they did not do what you wanted them to do is quite entitled. " I don't think think that's entitled. "Entitled" would be to say that I want Nightwish to make exactly the kind of music I want, only playing the songs that I want during live shows etc. and not accepting anything less than that. And to summarise, I've said before that songs like Alpenglow and Our Decades in the Sun justify EMFB's existence from my point of view. However, almost all the other songs leave me completely indifferent - am I supposed to force myself to like them because they're (perhaps) musically superior to Nightwish's earlier stuff?
  12. avalonkillah

    Nightwish Off Topic

    Hello, Good People, could anyone help me find the full version of that whole "pätkä bändi" line? I'm working on an indy metal album and would like to put that on the cover somewhere. Thanks!
  13. avalonkillah

    Nightwish Off Topic

    Thanks. Funny, I really hadn't noticed that L_Alpenglow posted a cover or Ever Dream before I made my post. I'm working on a song where I've got some melodies in mind, etc. but keep tripping over time time-signature-related stuff. After a while, I realized it kinda feels like Ever Dream ( It's not even in the same key or anything, but still), and I thought I'd look at it to help myself figure it out.
  14. avalonkillah

    Nightwish Off Topic

    Hi, not sure it's the right place to put this, but here I go anyway: does anybody know what the time signatures for Ever Dream are?
  15. avalonkillah

    Devin Townsend

    I admit I haven't listened to a lot of Townsend's stuff, but the general impression I get is that he seems to be a talented, well-rounded musicians with absolutely nothing to say through his music (or if he does, it's very banal). When I heard his albums have names like "Ki" and "Transcendence", I let out a huge groan and rolled my eyes so hard they rolled down my back.