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  1. Reshop

    Decades (The Album)

    Am I the only one who thinks End of All Hope sounds weird? I was looking forwards to hear this song on the remastered album since it’s one of my all time favorites. The new part they added in the last guitar solo is just weird to me. You hear the guitars, right when you think the bass will come they added drums which sound like it’s glitching and then the exact same guitar solo as before. I loved the buildup at the beginning but that solo really put me down
  2. Reshop

    Hello there!

    Hey! I’m apparently new here. I swear I thought I had an account! I’m Taylor and I’m 23 years old. Im from the Netherlands and around 2006 I got to know Nightwish. A friend of mine sent me the clip of Wish I Had An Angel and I fell in love right away! My first concert was in 2009 and in 2012 I got my Nightwish tattoo in celebration of being a fan for 5 years 😂 I’d love to meet new/more Nightwish fans to discuss and fanboy with!