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  1. Bored Wanderer


    How was the concert?
  2. Bored Wanderer


    It's fine, the growl voice just isn't for everyone. I too hated the growl voice immensely when I first got into metal. I like Mark's growl in two recent albums much more than the earlier albums. I have mix feelings about Within Temptation. I like some of their songs very much (include the Sharon voice in those song) but I also can't stand Sharon voice in many of their songs. It's just weird. About Nightwish, I prefer Floor than Anette but I prefer their earlier music.
  3. Bored Wanderer


    Hunab K'u is wonderful too
  4. Bored Wanderer


    That was 2013 when she was pregnant. She improved so much since then. Especially since late 2016, she's sung very well and stable on stages