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  1. huginn&muninn

    Eure nächsten Konzerte

    Bei facebook hatte sich einer in den Kommentaren darüber beklagt und von offizieller Seite wurde geantwortet, dass die Venues 40% vom Geld für Merchandise wollen. Habe ich so noch nie gehört, aber wer weiß...
  2. huginn&muninn

    Eure nächsten Konzerte

    Wow, schon 6 mal Nightwish live? Cool. Viel Spaß in Oberhausen. München wird mein erstes Nightwish Konzert- ich freu mich wie riesig und bin total gespannt.
  3. huginn&muninn

    Eure nächsten Konzerte

    Nightwish am 14.11. in München. Sonst noch jemand dort?
  4. huginn&muninn

    Esben and the Witch

    Hello guys. Someone here heard of Esben and the Witch? It's a trio from Brighton, England. I'd descirbe their music as post-punk/darkwave/alternative. Some pieces are even somewhat soundtrackish ... I am following them since their beginning and there will be a new record out in November - Nowhere, followed by a tour through Europe. You mgiht want to check them out: and the witch Some of my favs: Marching Song, Skeleton Swoon, Smashed to Pieces in the Sill of the Night, No Dog, The Wolf's Sun Enjoy
  5. huginn&muninn

    Decades (The Album)

    Finally got my copy They sound is AMAZING. I am loving it. The artwork really seems a bit ... cheaply and quickly done. (I have the regular digipack version) They could have at least zoomed into the welcome letter a little bit I Want My Tears Back sounds so much better! You can finally hear what they are singing *thumbsup* Mod Edit (dragonprincess): Merged because you posted twice within 14 days. Do not double post unless your previous entry in this thread is elder than 14 days.
  6. huginn&muninn

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I hope they play it live at the show I am going to see! Amazing song and I take it personally (living in the middle of the alps )
  7. huginn&muninn


    I am definitely excited Super Trouper, Waterloo, Take a Chance on Me are some of my favs. I'd be concerned about ruining the myth and nostalgia etc. if we weren't talking about ABBA. They know what they are doing!
  8. huginn&muninn

    What are you reading now?

    I am (at the moment) struggling a bit with War and Peace. :S
  9. huginn&muninn

    Greetings from Romania

    Cool Will it be your first NW concert? I have a ticket for Nightwish in Munich - my first show of this band- I am already excited
  10. huginn&muninn

    Decades (The Album)

    I agree about it with every other band (thinking of all the special editions of records in my shelf where the second disc gets pulled out exactly twice: first time you get the album and second time you rip it to your computer :S ) but maybe it's different with NW because I discovered them through an instrumental song and to be honest I had/have big difficulties to make sense of some of the lyrics, especially on DPD ...
  11. huginn&muninn

    Past Show: Your First One

    My first Nightwish show is yet to come. After reading all your first time storie... uh, I am excited
  12. huginn&muninn

    Decades (The Album)

    Really? Nigtwish is the only band I buy and actually listen to the instrumental CDs. There you go, over taste can be argued. Reading all these facts and details about Decades makes me veeery curious (my copy is on its way )
  13. huginn&muninn

    Thoughts of a relative newbie

    Oh, that pretty much sums up my feelings :S Being a newbie (first record "Dark Passion Play" and massive lover of "Endless Forms Most Beautiful"), I feel pretty much the same, now that I listen to the back catalogue more intensely. I also struggle with some of the older lyrics, I am not quite sure what they are ... well, what they are about ?! :S - sorry I am super excited how I will feel listening to Decades!
  14. Hello, greetings to all. I've already introduced myself in the German part of the forum and now I will do the same in the international "section". I'm in my mid thirties and come from South Tyrol - the alpenglow is outside of my window and on my earphones I am new to this board and to Nigtwish too. I got into Nightwish when I heard Last of the Wilds and then decided to get the record Dark Passion Play. Started to "stalk" them a bit and bought the following albums. It was Endless Forms Most Beautiful that really got me. Dawkins, Sagan and bombastic, cinematic sounds!! And great singing ... Now I am here and wait for my first Nightwish gig in November. Music is an importang part in my life. Although I usually listen to different genres - but I try to stay opend minded. Hope to have some interesting discussion on here and maybe establish some contacts. Cheers!
  15. huginn&muninn

    Greetings from Romania

    Hello to Romania! You turned your mum in a fan or the other way round?