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  1. NighttimeBird

    Within Temptation II

    I disagree... quality is too inconsistent. If every song were as good as Supernova / RYB / Trophy Hunter, then it could have been.
  2. NighttimeBird

    Your Latest Music Related Hauls

    Stuff I got so far in 2019: Bare Infinity - The Butterfly Raiser Eluveitie - Origins MaYaN - Antagonise Within Temptation - Resist Lovebites - Awakening From Abyss Lovebites - Clockwork Immortality And stuff I preordered: Rage Of Light - Imploder Eluveitie - Ategnatos I didn't realize it was this much until I started typing it down, lol... I should try spending a little less on music o.O it's hard to do when there's so much good stuff though
  3. NighttimeBird

    Within Temptation II

    Some cool insight into Supernova:
  4. NighttimeBird

    Infected Rain

    This just appeared in my youtube feed, I got stupid excited because I had no idea that they were making new music... or that they signed with Napalm! My first impression of the song is that it's musically not very different from their previous album, but the vocals and lyrics are a bit better!
  5. I knew you'd give high points to Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean That's an interesting choice, why the instrumental?
  6. @Vattep You got 10 more points to spend!
  7. Wow, very interesting thread! I love seeing what songs other people deeply care for, and there are some great videos linked in this thread. Here is my contribution: The Poet and the Pendulum - Live at Teatro Metropólitan - 4 pts This song has always been special to me. Firstly, I became a fan in 2008 (if I remember right), and Dark Passion Play was what got me into Nightwish. This is by far the most impressive song of the album in my opinion. It's more than just a song... it's a hauntingly beautiful musical journey. And Floor just nailed it in the above version. The Wembley version is really good too, but still I find myself listening to the above one when I have the choice. Beauty Of The Beast - 4 pts Century Child was my favorite Nightwish album for a long time after I discovered it. I think it still is, though I don't often think about albums in terms like "favorite" anymore. This song though, is just amazing. I'd buy the album and go to a show just for this one song. I'm listening to it as I'm writing this and I have tears in my eyes again. Storytime - Live at Wembley Arena - 3 pts Initially one of the less impressive songs of Imaginaerum to me, the Vehicle Of Spirit release changed that. Floor changed an "OK" song into something mind-blowing. Song of Myself - 3 pts Another amazing musical journey in a single song. For this one though, I prefer the album version. There are some quality live versions out there (like Showtime, Storytime), but they don't have the magic of the album version for me. Rest Calm - 3 pts The other highlight of the Imaginaerum album for me. I was impressed since I first heard it and it has only grown on me since. The Greatest Show On Earth - 2 pts This was a tough one to rank. Musically, it's perhaps Nightwish's best song ever. At the same time though, the "magic" that NW's music so often had is not really present here anymore. Not on the entire EFMB album, if I'm honest. Also, I really disagree with Dawkin's words. Still, I enjoy listening to this every now and then, and I love the climatic moment of "we were here". I once again prefer the album version though, I don't like it as much live. Especially the "we were here", on the live versions it feels exaggerated somehow. On the album it's just right. Sahara - 2 pts Hard to explain, I just love this song. One of the first NW songs I ever heard, it might have even been the very first one. Now, to finish off with some 1 pointers: Sleeping Sun - 1 pt Ocean Soul - 1 pt Feel For You - 1 pt Cadence Of Her Last Breath - 1 pt Does this add up to 25? I hope it does Honorable mentions that I couldn't give points to anymore: - all of Century Child - Eva - The Islander - The Crow, The Owl And The Dove - Deep Silent Complete - Dead Boy's Poem - Ghost Love Score
  8. NighttimeBird

    After Forever

    I don't think Floor could have kept After Forever going. I mean, there's a reason she started ReVamp instead (which was the right decision anyway imo, given the 2 awesome albums that came out of that). It's possible though. There's another example: Evanescence. Not exactly the same situation, but it didn't take long for Amy to be the only member left of the band that made "Fallen". Yet the band still exists today, and as the Synthesis tour has proven, they're far from done. Maybe Floor could have pulled off a similar "reform" with After Forever if she had really wanted to, but I think she didn't. I wouldn't have either tbh, in her position.
  9. NighttimeBird


    unboxing time
  10. NighttimeBird

    After Forever

    So, this happened yesterday: When they started to play Follow In The Cry, my life felt complete
  11. NighttimeBird


    I went to see MaYaN yesterday and it was truly amazing. After their normal set with mostly Dhyana songs, they played a "classics" set as well, with Epica and After Forever songs, among others. The Epica songs were better than their Epica versions! Laura and Marcela were so impressive.
  12. NighttimeBird

    Within Temptation II

    @hunebedbouwer Nah, I was always more of a BitTorrent kind of person I've always used as a "free trial" option for music. I'd download an album first, listen to it a few times, and if I liked it I'd buy it. I don't do it much anymore nowadays, because most of the bands I'm following, I trust enough to buy the album right away, just like I did with RESIST. Also, I have more money now so I can actually buy all the ones I want
  13. NighttimeBird

    Rage Of Light

    New video that was uploaded today, the first since their signing with Napalm:
  14. NighttimeBird

    Rage Of Light

    Rage of Light is a young Swiss band that define themselves as "trance metal / melodic death metal". It features singer Melissa Bonny, who's also known from her other band Evenmore and her collaborations with Serenity and Warkings. Their early music is OK, but the first time I really noticed them was when they covered one of Amon Amarth's most well known songs, Twlight of the Thunder God: I mean wow, this is as good as covers get! Then, in the same year, they shot another video and released this song, which is still my favorite: At this point I was hooked. I lost track of how many times I played "mechanicals" and hoped the band would start writing more seriously and produce a full length album. As it turns out, that was the case. They signed with Napalm records and their first album is going to be released March 29th. I can't wait!
  15. NighttimeBird

    Within Temptation II

    I started pirating long before I started buying music from the internet, so I've actually been listening to RESIST for longer than most people There are record stores in my town, but I rarely visit. I preorder albums first of all to support bands, and second because normally, it means I often have the music 1 or 2 days before official release, or at worst on release day.