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  1. NighttimeBird


    I agree, that's what I was thinking too when reading the above. It seems great when the relationship is going well, but when it's not, you not only have a personal conflict but also a professional one. One that impacts all band members and possibly the future of your band.
  2. NighttimeBird

    Cellar Darling

    Well if you want to check it out, it's here:
  3. NighttimeBird

    Cellar Darling

    As a long term Eluveitie fan, this Cellar Darling music does nothing for me. It's boring. I'd honestly rather listen to the poppy solo album "Cellar Darling" that Anna made some years ago.
  4. NighttimeBird

    Poepmonsters Pub

    You guys aware that "poepmonster" literally means "poop monster" ? I find it a little annoying to see that word every time I log into these forums...
  5. NighttimeBird


    I thought the stream was awesome! I was happy that they played early because I had to travel in the evening but could just catch Epica before leaving. Simone's singing was fantastic (better than at the show I attended years ago) and the band had such energy even though they had to play in high temperatures. My only point of criticism was that the pre-recorded stuff (choirs, orchestra etc) sounded a lot less good. The best songs were the ones that had the most live sound.
  6. NighttimeBird


    A word from Mark Jansen: "The Rhythm of Freedom' references the sensation of pure freedom you feel when riding your bike or bicycle. This also refers to the album title Dhyana, which stands for the moment where the mind gets absorbed by the heart and you feel total happiness without worries about the past and future. But the mind, like a predator, is always waiting for the moment to take over control again. We picked this song as our first single as it's the first impression people will get from the new MaYaN album. In it you hear the dynamic sounds in our music, layered with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra who we recorded this album with. Expect a song that is heavy, yet melodic. Enjoy!"
  7. NighttimeBird


    This is awesome! That woman sure can sing :o makes me look forward to their next album even more
  8. NighttimeBird

    Ask Tuomas [OPEN]

    I have but one question, which I am not sure is appropriate here, but I have to try: Is there any chance that the concert recording of Teatro Metropolitan, Mexico City, 2015, that was put on the Finnish YLE website with the release of the documentary "To Nightwish With Love" but later taken down, will be released in some form again? A lot of us would love this!
  9. NighttimeBird

    Lacuna Coil

    I miss it too. I love Comalies, and also some of the earlier softer and more melancholic music. The music that Lacuna Coil nowadays makes is awesome, but you're right, music has changed. Noone makes anymore what bands were making back then. We can only treasure the albums from that time.
  10. NighttimeBird


    I don't get why people say Epica didn't change or evolve much. They did so very much! I'd say they evolved as much as any other band, though they didn't change as much as some. They stayed a little closer to the sound they started out with. Which is not a bad thing, bands that go through radical changes in sound always alienate part of their original fanbase. For example, you can't go to the comment section of any remotely Nightwish-related YouTube video without people starting arguments over how NW sucks now, or used to suck, or both, and that's entirely because of how much it has changed. (for the record: I personally appreciate all of NW's material) But Epica definitely progressed a lot, and to me, all their albums sound very different from each other. When you hear a song you immediately know which album it was from, because they're that distinct. The only thing they all have in common is that they're metal, with Mark on growls and Simone on clean vocals.
  11. NighttimeBird

    The Floor thread

    Things they talked about: - how come she's relatively unknown in The Netherlands - a bit about metal in general - how did she end up in Nightwish - about the award she recently received Nothing new, really, but it's nice to see her getting invited for TV, and even nicer to see her sit there and talk so easily / comfortably
  12. NighttimeBird

    Theatre of Tragedy

    I only really started listening to them after they disbanded. I found the DVD "Last Curtain Call" somewhere, purchased it, and thought it was amazing! Their music is unique.
  13. NighttimeBird

    Sad music that makes you cry...

    Eurielle has one of the most beautiful voices I ever heard, and this is her saddest song. There are few songs that I can't listen to without tears, but this is one.
  14. NighttimeBird

    Eurovision Song Contest 2018

    I watched it, but as usual, I was disappointed with the result. To be honest I was disappointed with the whole thing. I've been watching it every year since 2010 or so, and in my opinion 2017 and 2018 were the worst of those years. I thought Bulgaria was really good yesterday, and so were Hungary and The Netherlands. Honorable mentions for Ukraine and Serbia. Most of the other stuff was boring, generic or even annoying. At least half the songs made me go "sigh, why do I bother watching this anymore".
  15. NighttimeBird


    "ISON was formed in 2015 on the outskirts of Gothenburg, Sweden. ISON is a result of the two music like-minded souls of Daniel Änghede ( Crippled Black Phoenix, Hearts of Black Science ) and Heike Langhans ( Draconian, LOR3L3I ). Inspired by Drone, Black Metal, Goth & Shoegaze, combined with a deep fascination for the astral planes and the universe." Yes, I totally pulled that from their bandcamp bio. These two people have really impressed me with a beautiful, dark, atmospheric sound. So far, they've released 2 EPs, and each is amazing in its own way. The first, titled "Cosmic Drone", was released in 2015, while the second, "Andromeda Skyline", was released earlier this year. Luckily, it's all on YouTube, so I wanted to share this here. I hope you all can appreciate this as much as I do. Cosmic Drone (the full EP) Andromeda Skyline: 1. Into The Unknown 2. Portals 3. Helios 4. Nebula 5. Andromeda Skyline