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    The Agonist

    Wow, this thread is long dead. No lovers of the more extreme sides of music here? I thought these recent songs were very good: It reminds me of old Agonist with Alissa, but in a good way. Alissa doesn't do vocals like this anymore so it no longer feels like copying.
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    3:25 I hope Simone and Floor will perform together again some day
  3. NighttimeBird


    Full show here: "Breathe" is at 51:50 if you want to hear Fabienne killing it
  4. NighttimeBird

    Your Latest Music Related Hauls

    Meh I totally forgot to preorder this, and the limited edition is already gone
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    I love it! The new version seems more clear, it's easier to hear all the different elements of the music. The original is more "noisy", if that makes sense. Not in a bad way though. I actually can't decide which version I like better, though I do like Simone's vocals better in the new one. Yep, I'm glad they included her in the video because she is always nice to look at
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    Within Temptation II

  7. NighttimeBird

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    And so do the band members...
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    I just want this collaboration to happen: Probably won't though
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    Wow, I agree! I never really cared for the regular version, but this is something else. Amazing!
  10. NighttimeBird

    Infected Rain

    Looks intriguing
  11. NighttimeBird

    Lacuna Coil

    This made me try google play store and it's actually there too The song definitely sounds like a continuation of the last album's musical direction, in a good way. Makes me optimistic about the album!
  12. NighttimeBird

    Lacuna Coil

    Out where? Because I can't find anything about it.
  13. NighttimeBird

    The Gathering

    Still one of my favorite all time songs. A pitty they changed the instrumental part, but the vocals on this live clip are out of this world.
  14. NighttimeBird


    Well if everyone is going to rank the albums I'll join in: 1. Design Your Universe 2. The Quantum Enigma 3. Requiem for the Indifferent 4. The Holographic Principle 5. The Divine Conspiracy 6. The Phantom Agony 7. Consign To Oblivion THP moves up a spot if we include The Solace System EP, I just don't like enough songs on the album to give it 3rd place. And yes, I put Requiem kinda high. In the beginning it was perhaps my least favorite, but it really grew on me. Every time I listened to it, I enjoyed it more.
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    Amanda Somerville

    I was thinking this earlier. I like some of her songs, like that first Trillium album, but if she had a proper band around her... she could have been a real star in the metal world.
  16. NighttimeBird

    Amanda Somerville

    Remember that time Amanda Somerville replaced Simone for an Epica tour? Me neither, but it really happened, and there's video:
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    I kinda like that about TQE actually, it really has an "album feel". It feels like all those songs belong together, and the album is still varied enough for me.
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    A memory of the old days. Guitarwork like in 1:37 is what I loved Therion for... there's such passion in it
  19. NighttimeBird

    Within Temptation II

    An amazing performance from the old days! Gave me goosebumps
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    And a very good recording of a song performed by the old lineup:
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    Just found some awesome live footage: I really miss this Floor. I wish ReVamp had continued in some form, that she had chosen to make another album with them instead of this Northward thing. But it is what it is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  22. NighttimeBird

    The Old Era

    Thanks for sharing, that's priceless footage! And that whole YouTube channel is full of amazing videos
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    Consign to Oblivion is my least favorite too... followed by The Divine Conspiracy. The song "Consign to Oblivion" is awesome though, the rest of the album is just underwhelming. I agree with @Magnus that DYU was the turning point. That was the album that really got me into Epica and looking back, it's by far the best of the first 4 albums in my opinion.