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    Seeing them live in Portland Oregon decades tour
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    Vehicle of Spirit concerts
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    Endless Dream by YES
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    "Boston" at The Gorge 1997
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    Rush "Permanent Waves"
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    Tom Sholz
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    Rush, Dream Theater, Yes, Nightwish, Iron Maiden Maiden
  1. Architeuthis

    Vehicle of Spirit

    To me, that's one of the highlights of the show! The heavy riffing, the melody lines are amazing. The main chorus in that song just kicks my ass everytime, so much energy. I got up and stood on my feet in my own living room during that song like I was at a concert! Cranked up very loud through the tower speakers. I think Tampere is the better of the two shows. I wish it had Seven days to the Wolves, and Poet, but at least those are on the Wembley show.. Oh and btw, Sleeping Sun is hauntingly beautiful on this release. Floor just owns the stage on this one!
  2. Architeuthis

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I agree! Kai is the perfect drummer for Nightwish, he breathes new life into the songs with his kind of upbeat tempo and precision. Jukka is amazing too, but takes a bit looser of an approach to the drums, where as Kai tightens up the screws a bit more and makes the band sound tighter.. I even hear some Neil Peart influences on his fills and hi-hat work. It's a tough choice, Kai and Jukka both are fantastic players, but I'd be happy if Kai carries the torch from here on as their permanent drummer.
  3. Architeuthis

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    I would love their new album to be something different, unique, and epic! I love the direction they took musically on EFMB. I'd like to see them expand on that but also let Emppu cut loose on the guitar solos a little more if not alot! Let Floor shine and really make a statement with her power and versatility. She can bring NW to a whole new level, and allready has as far as I'm concerned. Have a nice mix of heavy and melodic songs and utilize Marco's voice and harmonies. Also let him thundar on the bass a bit more. Toumas is a brilliant songwriter, keyboardist, and composer. That being said, I would like to see the next album be a collaborative effort collectively as a band. Also, Kai's drumming is amazing and I hope that continues on the next album..
  4. Architeuthis

    The Emppu thread

    Emppu is a brilliant guitar player, and performer! I wish the band would let him do more full length solos instead of cutting him off after two measures. He does however, make a statement on the little time he has. They should let him shine a little more though as he is an integral part of the band. He brings a lot of charm to their live shows with his stage antics and humor. I really like his solo in Edema Ruh. It kind of has a "Nomad" by Iron Maiden feel to it during the solo section. The picking pattern he uses in that solo is a lot more difficult than it sounds. He shows off his melodic shredding abilities on their earlier stuff like Stargazer or End of all Hope etc. He has the ability to give guys like John Petrucci a run for their money, and I wish he could showcase that more in Nightwish..
  5. Architeuthis

    Thoughts of a relative newbie

    Hi everybody! I was gonna create my own thread, but I thought this one would be appropriate for my first post. I'm in the same line of thought with the original post on this thread. I'm new to Nightwish as I bought the vehicle of spirit blu-ray on a whim. After watching each concert, I was completely blown away!!! I've heard bits and pieces of their music before, but never took the time to really give them a fair listen. All I can say is that they won me over and are now one of my favorite bands of all time. The people on Dream Theater forums always highly recommended Nightwish, so I had to check them out. I'm working my way backwards through their catalog starting with EFMB. I absolutely love this album, and I think Floor Jansen is THE perfect fit for Nightwish! I just saw them live in Portland Oregon April 8th and they were amazing. I'm really digging the Decades double disc set (which was a nice gift at the show). I'm really enjoying disc 2 and coming to really appreciate the Tarja era of the band. Floor is my personal favorite, but Tarja is amazing in her own right. The music is really good on the older stuff too, and it seems the Emppu had a little more freedom to play guitar solos, which he is so darn good! I also like the Annette era as the song writing is great. Her voice is a little more pop sounding and is a bit of an odd fit in Nightwish, but she is still good. Sorry to get long winded, I'm late on the NW camp but I'm sure glad to be late than never. These guys are amazing!