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  1. To me, Oceanborn/Wishmaster was the peak of the band in terms of raw instrumentalism (there's a reason most metal fans I've met who hate Nightwish still respect Oceanborn as the album that saved power metal). Century Child I consider forgettable, and with the exception of parts of some songs, I despise Once. I'm probably the only person here who genuinely prefer Anette over late-era Tarja. I find DPP a great album to introduce to newer fans, as it's still Nightwish, but I've been told that Tarja's voice is grating and hard to get into by newer fans I've introduced. Also, The Islander is just a good song, period. I've had folk fans I know commend the song as a damn good example.
  2. Is it bad that I don't really like her voice within Nightwish after OTHAFA?
  3. I'm not asking they ditch it entirely, but they've largely hit the pinnacle of what they can do with an orchestra. EFMB was virtually perfect for me, and I don't think it can be topped by 'just another symphonic album'. Either Nightwish do the impossible and top EFMB with the best album in the genre, (I adore EFMB) or they flip the table and surprise us with something heavier. I've been a fan of them since DPP, and at one point, I revered Tarja. But as I've grown up, I've largely grown apathetic towards the opera schtick, and prefer to look at the instrumentalism. I legitimately can't stand Once at this point, when I used to listen to it daily. My personal reason for this, was the overuse of orchestra/orchestral elements at the expense of good instrumentalism. I'd be happy if they continued their current course, but dialed back the orchestras to a greater degree as they did between Imaginaerum/EFMB. If you want an example of what I'd like to see more of, Romanticide at Wacken would be a good choice. Still orchestral, but heavy as hell. Floor didn't even growl! Seriously, please keep Floor away from the growls, you don't compete with Marco.
  4. IMO, Nightwish need to flip the table and either completely ditch the symphonic influences, or dial them back considerably. IMO, they're overstayed their welcome at this point, and largely hold the band back. Let Empuu, Marco and Floor loose, and write a damn good metal album, instead of writing yet another 'symphonic concept album'. I want to hear Wishmaster-era speed/power metal, especially with Floor and Marco on vocal duties. I'd love to see Marco do a Tarot-esque song on the album and allow Empuu to show off more. Yet another 'symphonic album' would be a big disappointment for me, and would show, in my eyes, that Nightwish is struggling with the same issues as Kamelot with regards to stagnant songwriting.