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  1. Season 2's been pretty fun so far. Episode 4 is probably the peak so far, however.
  2. Sihel

    Hi folks!

    Hey guys! Greetings from Southeast Asia first of all, I have an admission. I'm... not the hugest Nightwish fan ever. I've gravitated more towards Delain and Within Temptation recently, but I'd love to hear how much I've been missing out on, from you guys -- my current favorite Nightwish song is Elan, for those of you who're wondering. A few fun facts about me: - I've read the books that inspired Edema Ruh (The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man's Fear). - I run a Discord server for symphonic metal, and I'm always looking for new members (link is in my bio if you're interested)! - The first band I watched live was The Gentle Storm. - Westworld is probably my favorite TV show. - I have probably seen Delain live 5 times... Here's hoping I'll get to know more of you!