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  1. PoorYorick

    Nevermore, Sanctuary, Warrel Dane

    How it is possible that there is no topic for these guys?
  2. PoorYorick

    Leonard Cohen

    I have even found a reference to this song in Tristania lyrics "Now that your sparkling smile is outworn Now that your famous blue raincoat is torn Spin me a lie and we'll slip through the haze Just like Louise we'll get lost in the shades" Tristania, Year of the rat
  3. I was wondering how great it would be for us all if we would have a topic like this where we can complain about new music that we don't like. I have a feeling that time of good music is far behind, and this new sh** is just a complete sh**. This thread is a good idea because we don't have to post on the pages of bands that we don't like them because it might offend people who do like them, and they might call us haters. Hater is a word that is used to describe an honest person who freely express their opinion. For example, I really don't like this : I want old WT back!
  4. PoorYorick

    Nightwish Confessions

    Yep, all floorgasmic moments she keeps for live shows. She has much greater potential than EFMB allows her to show.
  5. PoorYorick

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Things are getting more complicated, I didn't realize that quality of new nw album will depend on Finland's rating on the world's most happy country list :D. I've heard that alcohol is making people depressed, maybe Tuomas should start drinking more. We can agree that he doesn't drink enough vodka for an average Finnish person. ps. just joking around, don't take this seriously
  6. PoorYorick

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Yes, that's true And Floor with record her vocals with help of auto tune. Also this guy will be guest on few songs:
  7. PoorYorick

    Songs You Are Currently Addicted To!

    Tuomas likes this post . Atmospheric song about snowman sounds like something that he would compose.
  8. PoorYorick

    Songs You Are Currently Addicted To!

    I listen to this when it rains.
  9. PoorYorick

    Orphaned Land

    I just wanted to say that I've been listening to this band before it was popular Ocean land is great song. Lately, they add too much of Israeli folk elements. It should be better with less folk and more metal... But it is more popular with more folk, and that sells albums, and that sucks also.
  10. PoorYorick

    Sonata Arctica

    The best album in my opinion is... Reckoning night. Best song - White pearl-black oceans. But it takes some time before you can enjoy this band. Silence is good also. For example, The end of this chapter is awesome. Everything after Unia sounds uninspired to me. Tony has to find his inner self, his balance, his zen self, his wolf self... or... I don't know :P. But I've been waiting for a decade for him to find that, and I don't think he will ever make something great as first few albums.
  11. PoorYorick


    I'd like more focus on her voice. For example, I really liked her singing in Revamp - Under my skin. Something that can catch all those little variations that she can make with her voice.
  12. PoorYorick

    Anette Olzon (2º part)

    C'mon, there's a lot of better songs for her to sing. Maybe she could sing Victoria's secret with some visual details :P.
  13. PoorYorick


    And what do you think about female tennis players? I liked to watch Evgeniya Rodina, she was a new face this year, and she is soooo cute <3 But she was eliminated by Serena Williams I mean.. everyone expected it to end that way. But it's not interesting when the same person is winning over and over again.
  14. PoorYorick

    Within Temptation

    NeoGeorg - try to search for flac version on SoulSeek. I know all old songs, until TheSilentForce (which I bought the same moment it was released ). That was one of my first CD-s...
  15. PoorYorick

    Within Temptation

    Some really strange atmosphere in this song... It´s my favorite.