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    The Finnish woods and lakes
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    Finland, The Netherlands, Czech Republic and UK
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    There was this certain snowy video on tv in 2004 but I'm a fan of them since 2008
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    Dortmund 2008, Lingen 2009, Düsseldorf 2012, Hamburg 2012 and Oberhausen 2015 - makes five times in total
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    Becoming the German Translator of Tuomas' Official Website
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    Tuomas' signature. I have it framed on my bookshelf. Thanks a lot to mighty CC!
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    Century Child
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    The Greatest Show On Earth
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    Dark Passion Play
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    Sleeping Sun 2005
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    Vehicle of Spirit
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    Does such a thing actually exist?
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    21st November 2015 - Nightwish in Oberhausen because it was a magical night
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    Nightwish, Epica, Delain, Sabaton, Orden Ogan, Theatre of Tragedy, Sentenced, Sonata Arctica, Fejd, After Forever, Ensiferum, Amorphis and there are a lot other good bands out there but I want to keep this list short


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    Good bye Lenin!
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    Game of Thrones
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    A Song of Ice and Fire

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  1. dragonprincess

    Poepmonsters Pub

    Not able to offer coffee. I don't like that drink at all. Just had a nice cup of herbal tea although we have sunny 26 C, this summer has been lovely so far and there is no end in sight yet, outside because I needed to relax a bit after having a dentist appointment in the morning. Finally that anaesthetic wore off. Time to get myself some food. I was a bit of food shopping across the border last weekend and I can offer you strawberry vla or some Dutch candy including liquorice.
  2. dragonprincess

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Sounds mysterious. Wonder what the eyeball himself is and Emppu Vuorinen's family band sounds like a country project. Google translate has one of its bright moments again. It never fails to amuse me when it comes to translate articles. Especially from Finnish into English. I can tell you the German version is amazing as well. It says something like "Nightwish is no vain diner" in the headline and it implies that "Kai lives behind the drums for four years now", "Nightwish follows the practice of the earth" and what makes me worry a bit "they need throat opening pastilles at concerts". Anyway, I also keep my fingers crossed that the little extra, something special means that they will have Tapio on stage for the Devil and for Tenth Man Down. Or if they feature some songs we haven't heard before on this tour.
  3. dragonprincess


    Very surprised to see a thread about this band on here. I saw them live Friday evening. They were part of a free open air metal/rock concert with three other bands. I never listened to their music before. They played a good show (although it was a very hot day and Nele had some problems with her microphone in the middle of the gig). Their keyboardist had three keyboards on stage. A kind of NW influence? Anyway, I bought their debut album and a t shirt afterwards. Their debut album is really nice. My favourite songs of it are The Puppeteer and Shore To Aeon.
  4. dragonprincess

    Decades World Tour 2018

    I haven't watched a single video of this tour yet because those videos doesn't do justice to the whole concert experience. Though if there will be a livestream from their Wacken show, I'm going to watch that. If not, I will have to wait till November. Until then I have no idea if Floor sounds bad or not bad this tour.
  5. Good to hear that he has done quite some songwriting already. And that they are going to start the whole process including their traditional summer camp next year. I doubt that the first single will be ready next year. Sounds like a first single plus the whole album in 2020 thing to me. Similar to how it was with Elan and than Endless Forms Most Beautiful about a month later.
  6. dragonprincess


    Second that. They have evolved over the years and you can clearly hear a difference between the first albums to what they do nowadays. If they release a new album in 2020, that will be a good year. New Nightwish album and new Epica album. Have I ever mentioned that my favourite Epica album is The Quantum Enigma?
  7. dragonprincess

    Poepmonsters Pub

    Silvara Blue! Welcome back to the mystic realm of Nightwish forums. After your long absence you can have another welcome cookie. Unless someone ate them all. But I'm sure that we still have some here. On the fruit topic, I harvest the first raspberries yesterday. Only a few but very delicious. I think I'm going to bake some raspberry muffins this weekend. Weather is fine again after a few rather cold days. And I just wasted about 100 minutes of lifetime following a terrible football match.
  8. dragonprincess

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Next festival show today. In Denmark. I wonder if they changed a few things on the setlist but somehow I doubt that. Oh, and before I forget, I was being serious with Astral Romance and Nymphomaniac Fantasia in my last post. The lyrics of the last one might be beyond weird but I really like the song music wise. Astral Romance is a lovely song and I can imagine either Marco or Troy providing the male vocals for it. And there is always a nostalgia when it comes to songs from Angels Fall First.
  9. dragonprincess

    After Forever

    There are quite a few After Forever songs I can relate to when I take a look at the lyrics. Face Your Demons for example. Floor's lyric writing skills are excellent.
  10. dragonprincess

    Band Merchandise

    Was ich im Bezug auf Band Merchandise noch ganz vergessen hatte zu erwähnen, das die Shirts für Männer meistens schönere Motive haben als die für Frauen. Es gibt natürlich auch Ausnahmen. Zum Beispiel jetzt die Decades Shirts. Die haben die Shirts für Frauen genau das selbe Motiv wie die Shirts für die Männer.
  11. dragonprincess

    Poepmonsters Pub

    June is a bit less gorgeous than May. Still acceptable. Nature seems to be like three weeks ahead because of the warmth in May. The upcoming weekend will be rather cold. Temperatures will be between 15 - 20 with a chance of rain. Don't like it all because I wanted to spend the weekend mostly outdoors. Summer will be back some time next week and I hope I will have some time to go to a strawberry field and harvest some strawberries before they are gone. The strawberry season usually ends some time in July here. I grew really fond of cooking and baking in the last months and I have found plenty of interesting strawberry recipes that need to be tried.
  12. dragonprincess

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    No way Tuomas is going to hire a sax player. He will do that himself and then there will also be a five minute clarinet solo played by him. More songs like Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean. Interesting idea. It is my favourite song from Oceanborn and I wouldn't mind having some more songs like this. But I highly doubt that the new album will go in a more theatrical direction. I have the feeling that it will stay in the vibe of Imaginaerum and Endless Forms Most Beautiful. And what Music Made mentioned. More keyboards would be great but I fear that won't happen with all the orchestra sound they have nowadays.
  13. dragonprincess

    Game of Thrones

    Longest battle shoot in history? I wonder what battle that is. I can hardly wait to finally watch the new season though I'm still sad that it will be last. The question is how many people will be alive in the end and will they be able to defeat the Night King.
  14. dragonprincess


    Somehow I already knew that Mexico was going to win the game because our team wasn't playing that good and it was only a question of time until they would score a goal. There will be a great panick if we don't win the next game. But isn't it some kind of tradtion that the team who won the previous world cup won't make it through the group phase?
  15. dragonprincess

    Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice and Fire series

    Two years later and still no Winds of Winter in sight. Now it is more likely that the Game of Thrones series will have its final before we even get a further glimpse of Winds of Winter. Maybe he will be done with working on it next year. Or the year after that. I don't have high hopes for that though.