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    There was this certain snowy video on tv in 2004 but I'm a fan of them since 2008
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    Dortmund 2008, Lingen 2009, Düsseldorf 2012, Hamburg 2012 and Oberhausen 2015 - makes five times in total
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    Becoming the German Translator of Tuomas' Official Website
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    Good Bye Lenin!
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    Game of Thrones
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    Don't get me started talking about this. I'm obsessed with books and I can spend hours with reading.

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  1. Is it that time of the year again? It is amazing how fast another year passed by and now I have to think about my votes. 1)Lost in cyberspace: I can't name any person in particular because there are a couple of people who have disappeared over the years and I wonder what they are doing now. 2) Mr/Ms Alien: Serious Sam 3) Mr/Ms Mosquito: GreatEye 4) Mr Socrates: WinterHeart-273 5) Mr/Ms Beam: Baki, who else can it be? 6)Mr Busybody: hunebedbouwer 7) Mr/Ms Knock-Out: 8) Drama Queen: Ahasverus 9) Mr Greenhorn: 10) Mr/Ms Crush: Stefan2k4 11) Mr/Ms Derailed Train: 12) Cat vs Dog: 13) Mr/Ms Alkalyne Battery: 14) Mr/Ms I-Me-Mine: 15) Mr/Ms Wet Dream: 16) The best thread of the year: Poepmonster's Pub because it is such a random place with interesting topics to talk about. 17) The worst thread of the year: The Tarja Turunen thread. 18) Best avatar: I'm a bit selfish here and say that my own is my favourite. 19) Hit-the-Roof comment: Those crazy theories that Troy is Marcelo. Or at least it was something in that direction. 20) Lord/Lady Wishnight: Baki, Eilenna, Somebody's Lass MEMORIES OF 2017: A) What has been your best live music experience this year? I went to three concerts this year and each of these was fantastic. I saw Delain twice and Epica once. B) Best album released this year: This one is difficult. There was a lot of good music this year. It is a tie between The Dark Element and Cellar Darling's This Is The Sound. C) Best film you have watched in 2017: None. I'm not a big fan of going to the cinema. D) Best book you have read in 2017: There were a few. Can't decide. E) Best place you have discovered in 2017: Place that I discovered... I wasn't really travelling this year, so, there is nothing to mention. RANDOM QUESTIONS A) If you could have dinner with one NW member, who would be the chosen one and why? Tuomas. My inner fifteen year old me would probably explode but I think it would interesting to have a dinner with him. B) If you could have dinner with one forum member, who would be the chosen one and why? Baki because he is one of the funniest posters around here I wonder how that dinner would be like. C) What did you discover on this forum that made you join and (what is more difficult) to stay in? The fact that it is such a large community with a lot of interesting people and next year it will be ten years that I'm around. D) What particular moment in NW’s history you wish it hadn’t happened? That is a good question... I have no idea. Although I wish they wouldn't be that big here in Europe. Small concerts are more fun. E) What moment in NW’s history is particularly endearing to you? No idea how to answer that question either. Maybe the best is yet to come.
  2. 2020 then. Five years between the albums. That is a long time. But I'm happy that we are getting the Decades Tour next year. It will ease the waiting time for the next album. And it is good to know that there is also another tour starting in 2020. And I think they should take all the time they need to make a good new album. Endless Forms Most Beautiful wasn't that bad but I think the band has a lot more potential. Escpecially with Floor's voice. And I'd like to hear more duets between Floor and Marco.
  3. Da sind sie endlich, die Tourdaten für Europa. Ich habe darauf gewartet seit sie im Sommer die Tourdaten für Nordamerika bekannt gegeben haben. Und anscheinend gibt es jetzt auch schon die Tickets für die Konzerte in Deutschland zu kaufen. Aber wie ich es befürchtet hatte, ist es mal wieder im Herbst. Das heißt ein ganzes Jahr warten aber ich vermute, dass sich das Warten lohnen wird. Ich werde sehr wahrscheinlich auf dem Konzert in Oberhausen zu finden sein.
  4. The tickets for the German dates seem to be on sale already. It is is nice to have the European tour dates finally. But as I feared it is the end of the year again. That means almost a whole year of waiting but I suppose it will be worth it in the end. By the way, I'm most likely going to attend the concert in Oberhausen.
  5. Mittlerweile ist wieder Dezember, es gibt wieder ein neues Raskasta Joulua Album und eine Rasksta Joulua Tour in Finnland (warum exportieren, die das nicht mal nach Deutschland... ich würde mir liebend gerne so ein Konzert ansehen und Finnland ist leider nicht mal eben um die Ecke). Deswegen puste ich gerade ein bisschen den Staub von diesem Thema weg. Ich habe das neueste Album letztens als Untermalung zum Plätzchen backen gehört. Gefällt mir wieder ziemlich gut.
  6. There are quite a lot of songs thar are on constant repeat in my mind. I don't even know why some of them are so catchy. This one here has been stuck in my mind since I saw Epica live about two weeks ago.
  7. Hope you will see some northern lights when you are there. Seeing northern lights is on my bucket list as well. If I ever manage to visit Finland during winter time. Few days ago I was baking chrimas cookies on my own - for the first time ever. I was never interested in giving it a try earlier but this year I was in mood to do that and they turned out to be really delicious. I always thought that my baking and cooking skills are beyond horrible. Doesn't seem to be like that. I'm surprised.
  8. Speaking of Our Decades In The Sun. After more than two and a half years of ignoring and constanly skipping the song, I listened to it a few days ago. Music wise, it is not bad at all and Floor sounds really good in the song but I just can't connect to the lyrics. I like the idea behind the song and it seems to be very important to the band members but for me it doesn't work. I still think it would have been better to replace Our Decades In The Sun with Sagan.
  9. Must admit that I'm a bit jealous of your trip to Lappeenranta. It is a very nice town. I have only been there once so far. In summer - four years ago. But I'm sure it is also a lovely place in the other seasons of the year. Well, next weekend it is time to bake the first christmas cookies of the season. Going to be fun for sure.
  10. On Tuesday I saw Epica live for the first time and it was a blast. Seriously. I already expected that the show would be good but it was even better than my expectations. You can definitly count me in next tour. They played Unleashed, one of my favourite Epica songs and in fact that was actually the first Epica song I have listened to. Too bad I never managed to attend any of their gigs earlier. Old track to re record with an orchestra? Hmm, I'd say Resign To Surrender.
  11. Oh, you truly found some gems there. Videos from that show would be great but those were the times before everyone started to film concerts with their phones. I also have to agree that Tony sounds better than Marco in Beauty and the Beast. Though they could play that song live again next tour. Maybe it sounds a bit different fifteen years later. Or they need to take Tony along for that. Although I'd prefer to hear Astral Romance when it comes to songs from Angels Fall First.
  12. No, I didn't. It was just a short day visit to Enschede. Basically just hopping across the border and walk around the city. Like a lot of other people (and their dogs, their cars and everything else) did. Like I said next time I'm going to pick a normal day for that. November is a weird month. It is just grey, dark and in between. December will be better (also dark, grey and cold but with all the festive christmas stuff that makes it better than November). Actually I'm already in a kind of christmas mood because I already got myself christmas cookies (Zimtsterne, my dear favourite among all the christmas cookies out there - apart from homemade christmas cookies that are even better) and I actually started to listen to a bit of christmas music. It might be a bit early but I can't help it.
  13. At least they are not doing Oceanborn songs only. The album is good but I wouldn't want to attend a concert with only these songs played. A selection of songs from all albums is a very good thing. I agree that they should leave most of the overplayed songs aside and play some songs they haven't played for years. Deep Silent Complete needs to be played. I'm dying to hear that one live. And then I'd like to hear something of Angels Fall First. And of course something from Oceanborn. Devil And The Deep Dark Ocean would be great.
  14. Looking forward to listen to this album a lot. The songs they have already relased are really good and very catchy. I have to admit that I didn't even expect that. And I already like it more than her solo album though it had a few nice songs. This project really fits her vocal range. Jani did a good job with writing the songs.
  15. Ich gehe stark davon aus, dass die Lieder nicht neu aufgenommen werden. Diese "new twists" beziehen sich auf Live Versionen von den Liedern, die bei der Tour gespielt werden. Da Troy erst seit Dark Passion Play an Bord ist, werden wohl in einigen alten Lieder ein paar Flöten eingebaut werden. Oder ich kann mir auch gut vorstellen, dass es vielleicht die ein oder andere Akustikversion geben wird. 2012 haben die das schon mal mit Nemo gemacht. War echt ganz gut, wenn ich mich recht erinnere. Auf die Auswahl der Lieder bin ich gespannt, ich hoffe wirklich, dass sie die Standard Singles wie Nemo und Storytime mal weglassen und stattdessen Lieder wie Deep Silent Complete spielen werden. Aber das bitte, bitte ohne Extra Flöten.