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    My skin has turned to porcelain, to ivory, to steel.
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    There was this certain snowy video on tv in 2004 but I'm a fan of them since 2008
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    Dortmund 2008, Lingen 2009, Düsseldorf 2012, Hamburg 2012 and Oberhausen 2015 - makes five times in total
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    Becoming the German Translator of Tuomas' Official Website
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    Tuomas' signature. I have it framed on my bookshelf. Thanks a lot to mighty CC!
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    Devil And The Deep Dark Ocean
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    Century Child
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    Vehicle of Spirit
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    Does such a thing actually exist?
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    21st November 2015 - Nightwish in Oberhausen because it was a magical night
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    Nightwish, Epica, Delain, Sabaton, Orden Ogan, Theatre of Tragedy, Sentenced, Sonata Arctica, Fejd, After Forever, Ensiferum, Amorphis and there are a lot other good bands out there but I want to keep this list short


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    Good bye Lenin!
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    Game of Thrones
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    A Song of Ice and Fire

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  1. dragonprincess

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Wenn ich mir den Plan für die Konzerte in Europa so ansehe, ist das dann eine echte Meisterleistung fast jeden Tag, über einen Zeitraum von gut zwei Monaten, zwei Stunden durch zuziehen. Das muss wahnsinnig anstrengend sein. Gut, dass sie zwischendurch öfters mal einen Tag Pause haben. Man könnte für die Konzerte auch wieder eigene Themen im Bereich Fantreffen eröffnen, wenn es eine Nachfrage dafür gibt. Das Forum ist ja ein bisschen still geworden. Mit dem Start der Tour im November ändert sich das hoffentlich wieder.
  2. dragonprincess

    Nightwish Off Topic

    That is something I totally forgot about. Same for the other book. Although I would like to read both. I guess I should add them to my personal xmas wish list.
  3. dragonprincess


    Muss auch gestehen, dass ich das bis zum Erscheinen des Videos letzte Woche auch nicht wirklich auf dem Schirm hatte. Mittlerweile höre ich das Lied hoch und runter. Es gefällt mir ziemlich gut obwohl ich eigentlich kein großer Fan von der Art Rockmusik bin. Floor hat die beeindruckende Fähigkeit alles zu singen. Ich bin mal gespannt, wie das gesamte Album sich anhört, wenn das nächsten Monat erscheint.
  4. dragonprincess

    Harry Potter!

    I haven't even read it yet but what I heard about it doesn't make me want to read it at all. Lately I bought myself one of these special house editions (Ravenclaw of course) of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. According to the Pottermore test, I'm a Ravenclaw. Any more Ravenclaws in here?
  5. dragonprincess

    The Tuomas thread

    Does that band still exist? They haven't been doing anything for years. But I agree with you. It would be cool to have another album of them at some point in the future. I only fear that Tuomas is too busy with everything else he is doing like Nightwish (of course) and then there is Auri.
  6. dragonprincess

    Poepmonsters Pub

    Seems like we'll get a first glimpse of autumn this weekend. I'm glad that the great heat is over and we are back to decent temperatures. Even more important, it will rain on the weekend and rain is still badly needed here. And no more dying from heat at work. Weird that it is already the end of August. Time just seems to fly by. I'm curious how autumn will be like.
  7. dragonprincess

    Your Recent Musical Discoveries

    There are two bands I discovered lately. Let's start with the more well known one. A few days ago when I was browsing around YouTube I found Wardruna. I heard the name before but I never managed to check their music out. This time I did and I was hooked instantly. Last weekend I was at a medieval fantasy festival and there a stumbled about a band called Cuélebre. Lovely music and they played a good show there.
  8. dragonprincess

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Had no problems with hearing the keys during the songs although my speakers aren't the best. The best thing about the Decades tour is that they dig up the old songs and there is finally some more interesting keyboard stuff live. Didn't they play in Switzerland last night? Any information on that? Setlist for example?
  9. dragonprincess


    Für mich definitiv nicht lohnenswert, da ich von all den Bands nur Amorphis mag. Schade eigentlich. Ich hätte gerne mal eine Headliner Show von ihnen gesehen. Besonders nachdem mir Queen of Time so gut gefällt. Vor allem Message in the Amber und Daughter of Hate. Bisher habe ich sie nur einmal live gesehen und zwar als Vorband von Nightwish vor bald drei Jahren.
  10. dragonprincess

    Cellar Darling

    A matter of taste. I'm also an Eluveitie fan but I love Cellar Darling. It was one of my favourite albums in the past year because it contains some really good songs like Black Moon, Avalanche and Starcrusher. I saw them live last year when they were supporting Delain on their Danse Macabre tour last autumn which was also very good. Nowadays they are working on their second album and I'm really curious about it and I hope I will catch them somewhere live again.
  11. dragonprincess

    Poepmonsters Pub

    Hottest day of the year so far today. 38 C. It is insane. Our air conditioner at work isn't really working and I have to wear long trousers. Horrible. It didn't get better when I stepped outside after work. It felt like being boiled alive. But there is an end of the heat in sight. It will come with some heavy thunderstorms though.
  12. dragonprincess

    Sonata Arctica

    Stones Grow Her Name is bad indeed. It is the only Sonata Arctica album I fail to get into. Pariah’s Child and The Ninth Hour are way better from my point of view. I recommend Reckoning Night and their first album Ecliptica. Really good songs on these two like Ain't Your Fairytale and Full Moon. And you should give a listen to The Days of Grays. That album is also worth a listen especially The Truth Is Out There.
  13. dragonprincess

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Short show but I enjoyed the livestream a lot yesterday evening. Floor's new outfit is looking really cool. I just loved Devil And The Deep Dark Ocean and Gethsemane. The Greatest Show on Earth was amazing as usual (and it never fails to bring me to tears in the end) though I prefer the full version but it is not possible to play that at a festival if you want to put more songs on the setlist. Now I'm even more hyped to see them live again in November. And then I need to hear Deep Silent Complete, Alpenglow and Tenth Man Down.
  14. dragonprincess

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Wenn ich mich recht erinnere, geht das dann immer so bis 23:00 - 23:30. Bei den letzten Nightwish Konzerten, bei denen ich war, gab es immer zwei Vorbands. So wie es bisher aussieht, gibt es bei dieser Tour nur eine. Wahrscheinlich weil die Setlist bei der Decades Tour ein bisschen länger ist als sonst. Ob um die Uhrzeit noch eine Bahn fährt, hängt dann wohl ganz davon ab, wo du hin musst. Am Wochenende fahren die Bahnen gewöhnlich länger aber ich sehe gerade, das Frankfurt in der Woche ist. Im Fall der Fälle, müsstest du dann wahrscheinlich ein bisschen früher raus. Den Livestream vom Wacken gestern Abend war wirklich ziemlich gut. Die Leute, die sich über die Setlist beschweren, müssen bedenken, dass das eine Festival Show war und auf so einem Festival gibt es nicht nur Nightwish Fans. Floors neues Outfit sieht auch ziemlich cool aus. Als sie von der Überraschung sprach, dachte ich erst, die hätten Wilska noch eingepackt. Schade. Auf jeden Fall hat gestern Abend meine Vorfreude auf das Konzert in Oberhausen noch weiter steigen lassen. Etwas mehr als drei Monate noch.
  15. dragonprincess

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Finally a Wacken livestream. I'm more than happy about it. They will also be featured in the Wacken broadcast on a German tv channel tomorrow evening. Wonder if they will show just some highlights or the complete set. As for the surprise. Maybe the new outfit or they imported Wilska from Finland for their gig. Which would be cooler than a new outifit to be honest.