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    There was this certain snowy video on tv in 2004 but I'm a fan of them since 2008
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    21st November 2015 - Nightwish in Oberhausen because it was a magical night
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    Nightwish, Epica, Delain, Sabaton, Orden Ogan, Theatre of Tragedy, Sentenced, Sonata Arctica, Fejd, After Forever, Ensiferum, Amorphis and there are a lot other good bands out there but I want to keep this list short


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  1. I wouldn't mind having another live DVD. Considering what songs they have played on this tour so far. And according to all the comments in here, Floor seems to do an amazing job again. I only read the setlists, I didn't bother to watch the videos on YouTube because I'm going to see them in about six months and I don't want to listen nor watch the performance in advance. But it also feels a bit weird to probably have another live DVD before having a new studio album. I'm way more interested in new material than concert recordings. Three days till the first Decades show in Europe and after that the festival season starts. I'm actually wondering how the festival setlist will look like.
  2. They mentioned the Finnish heatwave in a weather forecast yesterday to illustrate some temperature differences across Europe. 30 across in Finland in May sounds like nothing you would expect. At least to my ears that sounds very surprising. 24 in northwestern Germany currently. But the temperatures will drop a bit in the following days. Too bad. It could be around 24, 25 plus sunshine (and a bit of rain is also needed for the nature of course) for the next months. That is the kind of weather I highly favour.
  3. Gab es nicht schon mal eine Remastered Version von Angels Fall First? Ich meine, das ist das wo A Return To The Sea als Bonustrack drauf ist. Da hört man von der Musikqualität her einen Unterschied zum Original. Ich kann auch nicht so ganz verstehen, warum so viele Bands auf die Idee kommen ihre alten Alben zu remastern. Gut, heutzutage hat man ganz andere Möglichkeiten den Klang zu gestalten als noch vor ein paar Jahren oder Jahrzehnten. Es gibt auch Bands, die gleich ein ganzes älteres Album noch einmal aufnehmen und es dann wieder veröffentlichen. So wie Sonata Arctica vor ein paar Jahren. Da hört man dann aber wirklich einen Unterschied im Vergleich zum Original. Bei Decades höre ich auf jeden Fall keinen großen Unterschied. Meinen Ohren und meinen Gehör geht es übrigens ausgezeichnet.
  4. Mir gefallen beide Lieder sehr. Im direkten Vergleich bevorzuge ich aber auch Wrong Direction. Wenn der Rest des Albums genau so gut ist, haben Amorphis wieder einmal ein erstklassiges Album abgeliefert. Bisher haben sie mich noch nicht enttäuscht.
  5. I also watched the contest. Most of the entries didn't fit my personal music taste but for it is a good old tradition for me to watch contest each year. However there were a couple of songs and performances that I really enjoyed. My favourite of this year was Denmark (which were saved through the televoting because most of those jurys didn't give them any points, what a shame). Then I also enjoyed Serbia, Hungary, Moldova and Estonia. I didn't get why the jurys gave that many points to Austria and Sweden. Both songs were just boring. And I was surprised that Germany got a lot of points. That was a bit unexpected but I'm happy that we didn't end up in the back this year for a change. About the winning song. Not my cup of tea and the start of the song was more than just weird.
  6. Hmm, I remember the discussion about that song back then. I actually forgot about the song's existence until I read the last post of this topic. Tthat Stratovarius song. It reminds me more of a melody from a Sonata Arctica song than of a NW song to be honest. Though I can also hear the similarity to a certain NW song.
  7. Bei den meisten Liedern ist mir ernsthaft gesagt nicht wirklich was aufgefallen in Sachen "remastered". Bei End of all Hope wurde definitiv was geändert am Anfang und bei dem Solo von Emppu. Sonst habe ich jetzt nicht wirklich was bemerkt. Wenn ich mir die Decades das nächste Mal anhöre, werde ich mal verstärkt darauf achten. Vielleicht macht das auch einen Unterschied worüber man das hört und wie sehr man sich in Sachen Musik auskennt.
  8. Seems like weather forecast can be very entertaining some times. Right now I have no reason to complain about the weather. The spring weather this year has been way better than previous year. Fingers crossed that this summer is going to be equally satisfying. Besides, they have started to harvest the first strawberries. Along with raspberries they are my favourite fruits. Ice cream with strawberries and whipped cream is one of my favourite desserts. Freshly baked strawberry cake is also very tasty.
  9. I second that idea. They really have to do that at some point and if they do that, they have to invite Van Canto to join them. I can't watch their cover version without singing the misheard lyrics along in my head. Would be a lot of fun to watch if they join forces for such a thing. Moreover, I'm not surprised that Nemo is their most played song live. It is one of their biggest hits and I bet a lot of people started to listen to Nightwish because of that song. Wish I had An Angel isn't that bad. It is surely overplayed but I still enjoy hearing that song live.
  10. A bit jealous of all the people who were there because it sounds like a fantastic show with a nice setlist. Though they could have indeed added some older stuff to make it a bit more special. It reminds me of the setlist they played at the gig I attended last year. Have I ever mentioned that I totally love Beyond the Matrix live? Oh, and my favourite Epica album intro is Originem.
  11. I didn't have a problem with the screens either. My attention was on watching and listenting to the band play. The screens didn't disattract me from that, they are a nice addition to their shows from my point of view. Nothing more. The TGSOE video was fitting really well from what I remember. I seriously need to rewatch Vehicle of Spirit to refresh my memories before I'm going to see them live again in about seven months.
  12. The weather forecast says it is 7 degrees and sunny in Helsinki right now. Does that count as spring for Finns? In my hometown, on the other hand, we have 21 degrees and sunshine right now. The last three days were also amazing. Especially Saturday. It was 25 degrees. 25 degrees. It felt like the first taste of summer and I spent the whole day outside. The weekend before that we actually had snow rain and it was freezing. Funny how weather can change within just a week.
  13. Ich muss zugeben, das ich mir mittlerweile auch die Decades geholt habe obwohl ich erst überhaupt nicht wollte. Da ich aber schon die anderen beiden Best of CDs im Regal stehen habe, musste ich diese jetzt auch haben. Aus Gründen der Vollständigkeit. Ein bisschen komisch, dass die CD mit The Greatest Show on Earth anfängt aber die haben sich schon was dabei gedacht.
  14. Theatre of Tragedy - Velvet Darkness They Fear Nightwish - Decades An Archive of Song 1996 - 2015 (actually I didn't want to buy this but then I just had to) Schandmaul - Unendlich After Forever - Decipher After Forever - Reimagine (the two After Forever CDs and the Schandmaul one were a gift for my birthday last week) Theatre of Tragedy - Theatre of Tragedy Xandria - Theater of Dimensions
  15. I still don't understand why people are doing reaction videos but it seems like there have been a lot of these lately. But it is interesting to see how people react when they listen to a certain Nightwish song the first time. Floor's version of Ghost Love Score was made to make people listen in awe.