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    There was this certain snowy video on tv in 2004 but I'm a fan of them since 2008
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    Dortmund 2008, Lingen 2009, Düsseldorf 2012, Hamburg 2012, Oberhausen 2015 and Oberhausen 2018 - makes six times in total
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    Becoming the German Translator of Tuomas' Official Website
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    Tuomas' signature. I have it framed on my bookshelf. Thanks a lot to mighty CC!
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    Devil And The Deep Dark Ocean
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    Century Child
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    The Greatest Show On Earth
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    Dark Passion Play
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    Sleeping Sun 2005
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    Vehicle of Spirit
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    Does such a thing actually exist?
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    9th November 2018 - Nightwish in Oberhausen because it was truly a magical night
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    Nightwish, Epica, Delain, Sabaton, Orden Ogan, Theatre of Tragedy, Sentenced, Sonata Arctica, Fejd, Eluveitie, After Forever, Faun, Ensiferum, Cellar Darling, Amorphis, Serenity and there are a lot other good bands out there but I want to keep this list short


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    A Song of Ice and Fire

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  1. dragonprincess

    Poepmonsters Pub

    There was a lunar eclipse last night. Unfortunately it was clouded here and I wasn't able to watch. The next one will happen in 2022 and I hope I'm able to watch that one. So far I have watched two and both were very impressing. I'm looking forward to the weekend and next week because the summer is coming back after a couple of cloudy and cold days. The problem that still remains is that there has been not enough rain in the past weeks and months again.
  2. dragonprincess

    Nightwish Off Topic

    No big surprise. I expected it to happen way earlier though. Health is always the most important thing and Kai is also an amazing drummer. Besides, Jukka will still be involved with the band in the background like he did the past years. Seems to be fine for me. Still going to miss Jukka behind the drums.
  3. Oh dear. Now I'm trying to recall the past eleven years. I'm pretty sure that I will forget to list some names, especially small local bands that I have seen at some point and I can't remember their names unfortunately. Nightwish (6 times), Delain (3 times), Battle Beast (4 times), Rapalje (4 times), The Hourglass (3 times), Omnia (2 times), Pain (2 times), Die Streuner (2 times), Indica, Krieger, Sonata Arctica, Tarot, Eklipse, Triosphere, Amaranthe, Stratovarius, Seven Kingdoms, Amorphis, Arch Enemy, Sunrise Avenue, Arion, The Dolmen, Cuelebre, Saor Patrol, Faun, Korpiklaani, Turisas, Trollfest. Myrath, Beast in Black, Elvellon, Draupnir, Jaded Heart, Elvenking, Aeverium, Serenity, Cellar Darling, JBO, Rammelhof And I actually met a few musicians: Cuelebre (whole band), Rapalje (whole band), Omnia (whole band), JBO (whole band), Serenity (almost the whole band, I think someone was missing), Arion (also almost whole band, they are really nice dudes), Beast in Black (only Anton), Cellar Darling (only Anna), Delain (only Otto and Merel) .. and back in 2010 a handshake with Marco Hietala after the Tarot gig, that kinda counts as well.
  4. dragonprincess

    Sonata Arctica

    The new song is not that bad but I think the new album will feature some more interesting songs. I hope. In the comments below the video you still find the people who are expecting Sonata Arctica to do an album like Ecliptica (maybe the same people who dream of NW doing Oceanborn 2.0). That is not going to happen and for that there is a band called Cain's Offering. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the album and it would be nice to see them live again.
  5. dragonprincess


    The Last Crusade and Kingdom of Heaven? Please, please keep those two on the setlist for Oberhausen and add Tides of Time and Burn to a Cinder as well. So great that they are picking up more old songs. The upcoming DYU anniversary tour will be amazing and I'm so happy that I'm able to see them.
  6. dragonprincess

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Just wait for it. Maybe they read the forum and think it would be a great idea to give the fans a very deep insight in Finnish summer traditions and occasional deep musical preparations for the new album. This is my third "new album hype" time. It never lacks a certain feeling of excitement.
  7. dragonprincess

    Poepmonsters Pub

    I saw those pictures from Mexico on the news yesterday. It is still looking surreal like a kind of avalanche. Same for the pictures Harvest shared. Is it just me or does seem like those events seem to happen more often than before? I remember a massive thunderstorm five years ago that flooded some parts of Münster and caused a lot of trouble also with trains. Anyway, the heat here is gone and we are back to decent temperatures around 20 - 23 C. Way better than the weekend and most of last week but summer has just started and I think the heat will return at some point.
  8. dragonprincess


    Must have been a hell of a show. That setlist looks quite interesting and somehow I'm sad that I missed that gig but I was at a medieval market that day. Anyway, I'm excited to see them in Oberhausen in October and I'm curious about which songs from DYU they are going to play then.
  9. dragonprincess

    The Upcoming Nightwish Album

    Does that mean "the work on the new NW album has begun" hype officially starts today?
  10. dragonprincess


    By now they have released two more singles, Red Baron and Great War, from their upcoming album. Also very catchy songs. Looking forward to listen to the whole album. Less than three weeks until the album release and they have also announced the dates for the European tour next year. I hope I'm able to see them.
  11. dragonprincess

    Poepmonsters Pub

    Temperatures this week will be quite hot. 36 C here tomorrow. Although there are other places in Germany that will reach almost 40 C this week. It won't even cool down during the nights. Not too fond of it because I can barely sleep in my room and it seems there are lot of mosquitos this year. At least there no thunderstorms in sight. We had a few of them last week. And humid heat is way worse than this weather.
  12. Oh yes, definitely Rest Calm. It is one of my dear favourites from Imaginaerum and I have no doubts that Floor will do a good job with this one. Fantasmic and Escapist should also be included on the setlist at some point. The first one would have been perfect for the Decades tour but unfortunately they didn't play it.
  13. dragonprincess


    Watched Until Eternity by mistake and now I have that song stuck in my head. I just figured out that I'm actually going to see them live in October because of Epica. Looking forward to it. Their latest song, Snow White and Rose Red sounds pretty cool too.
  14. dragonprincess

    Nightwish Album Rankings 2019

    Let's see... I always struggle with making a ranking of the albums because I like them all a lot. 1. Century Child (currently my favourite because it works perfectly) 2. Imaginaerum (was my favourite for a while and I remember how I hyped I was about all news before the album and the feeling when I listened to it the first time) 3. Endless Forms Most Beautiful (really love the theme and it features my favourite NW song which is The Greatest Show On Earth) 4. Once (Nemo got me into NW and the album has a lot of cool songs like The Siren and Ghost Love Score) 5. Dark Passion Play (this album also has special place in my heart for guiding me through rough times) 6. Oceanborn (also very cool stuff like Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean) 7. Wishmaster (also a very good album, love Fantasmic a lot) 8. Angels Fall First (love the mood in this album, it feels so innocent compared to the later stuff and it features the best bonus track which is A Return to the Sea)
  15. dragonprincess

    Contacting the Mods

    Mjöllnir: I guess that is just some kind of statistic. Reputation points seem to be like those like thing in Facebook apart from the fact that Facebook doesn't make lists about who gets the most likes or reputation for comments. The idea for the NW albums ranking thread is fine from my point of view. Just a quick reminder that this thread is for questions you have and not for spam. Thank you. I decided to delete the last posts. Probably we need a part like the Games section again. But that is for the admin to decide.