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  1. Jasmin

    Ask Nightwish 2018 - Announcement

    That's ok! It was worth a try ;-) as I wrote, it was 100% charity and no profit for me. But I understand your decision to delete the post. If you can suggest me another platform for a Nightwish related charity auction, I'd be very grateful for your help though!
  2. Jasmin

    Nightwish Off Topic

    Hey everyone! News from Nightwish!!! I recently had the opportunity to talk with them and got their autographs. Now, for a charity, I am selling this tshirt signed by Tuomas Holopainen and Kai Hahto from Nightwish to raise money for the shelter Smeura that saved my dog. The stray dogs are in extreme misery in Romania, especially in winter. Our dog was lucky and got rescued and she's living the good life now. She is a huge fan of Nightwish and gets all snuggly when we watch the VOS DVD :-)so I asked Tuomas and Kai if they would sign this shirt to help me with the fund raising for the shelter. They did!!! This shirt is unique because it is handpainted by me and signed by Kai and Tuomas, so it's THE tshirt for animal loving metalheads ;-) It would mean the world to me if you could spread the word for the poor strays in Romania, please share the link on every Nightwish related media you know of and please consider purchasing this shirt. I will send it world wide on my own costs and donate 100% of the receipts of the sale to Tierhilfe Hoffnung. Thank you very much fellow NW fans out there! We were here - and so are the stray dogs. They deserve food and a warm blanket - with your purchase you can support the shelter in Romania! https://www.ebay.de/itm/223288349340?ul_noapp=true Text format removed. - Damian.
  3. Jasmin

    Ask Emppu [OPEN]

    Hello Emppu! How are you? Hopefully you recovered from the slight sunburn at Wacken ;-) Thank you for rocking your a** off in the burning heat, the show was amazing! Also it's great how you and Troy are sharing guitar parts, Nightwish sounds much heavier in certain songs now \M/ great tour and great performances, every single one of you is so dedicated to the old songs and giving them a new fresh flavour. My question is: How did it feel to play them live again, after so many years? Did you notice a different reaction from the audiences? ah I almost forgot: How did you guys determine that the camel would be named after you? Congratulations, btw, to this honor! have fun on the next concerts and see you soon in Paris and in Stuttgart. Greets, Jasmin
  4. Jasmin

    Ask Marco [OPEN]

    Hei Marco, how are you? I hope good! The tour is a huge success and you guys are doing the old songs justice but also revive them in a refreshing new way. I absoluetly love your duet parts with Floor in Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean and in Slaying the Dreamer etc. Yeah and of course your bass playing in these songs. Great job!!! It doesn't feel like digging out a mommy at all, which is always the risk when bands play their golden oldies. You're both innovative and nostalgic! My question would be if you will be singing a Finnish song/part again on the next album? Taikatalvi is so beautiful and I hope there will be something like this! Oh, and another question would be, where you get the ideas for your hilarious speeches during the concerts. You are so silly!!!! LOVE it!!! I mean, the Wacken 2013 currrrrrrrrrywurst is legendary. Looking forward seeing you being silly and awesome in Paris and in Stuttgart. Greets, Jasmin (BTW my 13 year old stepson declared that you are his idol, that when he#s "so old" like you, he wants to be as cool as you too ;-) )
  5. Jasmin

    Ask Kai [OPEN]

    Hei Kai! Thank you for your dedication for the old NW songs. They sound fresh and new, very dynamic and respect the original at the same time! I like especially the many changes in Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean, bravo,! my question is: How much of the audiences and your bandmembers do you see or how much do you realize of what is going on in front of you? I see you often playing with closed eyes and completely absorbed in your drumming! Greetings from Germany, Jasmin
  6. Jasmin

    Ask Troy [OPEN]

    Hey Troy, first of all, thank you for joining Nightwish as a full member, you've become an important part of the band and the music. So my question would be if you will do more second guitar parts in the future? Nightwish sound much heavier now when you do so! Great! Although I love your flutes and bouzouki etc parts so please don't abandon them ;-) Enjoy the tour and see you in Paris and in Stuttgart! Greets, Jasmin
  7. Jasmin

    Ask Floor [OPEN]

    Hello Floor, I hope you are enjoying the tour as much as we do! If I had the opportunity, I would really like to know more about your songwriting and where your inspiration came from for After Forever and ReVamp. Especially the songs with references to oriental music (scales, instruments, lyrics, in some more in others less obvious), like My Pledge of Allegiance #1, Black Tomb, Follow in the Cry... Head up High, Fast Foward ... Where does this interest for the oriental music come from? I sent Ewo and Toni an email concerning this because I really would love to have a real talk about this if possible, f.e. before the shows in Paris or Stuttgart. I'm way too curious, sorry! Thank you in advance and have a great time, Jasmin
  8. Jasmin

    Ask Tuomas [OPEN]

    Hei Tuomas! I would love to know why you wrote and write so many songs with oriental scales/rythms (and lyrics too!) for Nightwish and recently for Auri? Would be really interesting to know where this fascination for the Orient comes from. Thank you in advance! Greetings from Germany, Jasmin