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  1. Ann_argr

    Songs You Are Currently Addicted To!

    I can't believe I can't stop listening to this:
  2. Ann_argr

    Nightwish Album Rankings 2019

    1) Imaginaerum 2) Once 3) Angels Fall First 4) Endless Forms Most Beautiful 5) Oceanborn 6) Wishmaster 7) Dark Passion Play 8) Century Child (yeah, I know...)
  3. Ederlezi is a traditional Gypsy song. The title refers to Spring festival, a festival which celebrates the return of springtime (I think not only Gypsies celebrate Ederlezi? I'm not sure, don't quote me on that ) This version (which is the best of all ) is from the movie "Time of the Gypsies", a Serbian film about a boy with telekinetic powers. Another favorite version of mine is this one: Enjoy these two, I'll add more songs later
  4. Ann_argr

    Eurovision SC 2019

    The Dutch song was ok, but I was rooting for Italy actually, and I am very happy Mahmood came second! I'm so sad about our Katerine though. That girl worked hard, had a great voice, and came 21st? Really? I didn't expect that at all, I thought we'd end up somewhere between 8-13... The funny thing is, we've had better results with way worst songs. Slovenia did better than I expected, me happy. Albania was awesome. Awesome dress, awesome voice, awesome everything. Why was Iceland so loooow? Best performance of the night if you ask me... I felt kinda sad when Germany got 0 points. I didn't like the song, but that was harsh. @CalinnI'm pretty sure I've seen you on YouTube under an Iceland's video ( I sound like a stalker now, I promise, I'm not ) P.S.: I was surprised when Greece announced its points, because the announcer was... Gus G, Ozzy's guitarist!
  5. I got to be the one who'll start this year's ESC topic, wuhu!! Sorry @hunebedbouwer, I read in the previous topic that you're not a fan, but, with pleasure I present you the songs of the ESC 2019! So, what's your favorite song this year? Mine is Slovenia, it might be my fav ESC song ever: And I also like our song this year (the video is f awesome):
  6. Ann_argr

    PLASTIC EUKARIOTE - 2018 Forum Awards

    2) The MOSQUITO - award...........whose stingy posts and remarks were the most annoying ones for you? @Stefan2k4 I think, but I love drama, can't complain 3) The BUZZYBODDY - award.........which member did spend the most time posting and replying on this forum? @hunebedbouwer 4) The JOLLYGOODFUN - award...........who made you smile, let you laugh the most this year? hunebedbouwer 7) The AVASTAR - award.........who has got/had the best avatar this year? Eilenna 9) The AH - OH - AH -award.........(yes, you got them on every forum) who is the biggest drama queen? GreatEye, but as I said, I can't complain 11) The TOPGUNNER - award.........(different from no.8!!!) who is your FAVOURITE poster? Baki 14) The CLASS of 2018 - award.........which thread was your favourite during 2018? Politics thread 15) The OFFTOPICCALLER - award........which member continously posts above, under and next to the thread subjects? Seniora Serena 16) The MUSICKFREAK - award........who do you think has the most CD´s/LP´s/DVD's at home? hunebedbouwer again 18) The POSTERFAN - award..........which member should post more? me SOME FACTS OF LIFE QUESTIONS A) The best album of the year 2018 in your opinion? Orphaned Land - Unsung Prophets and Dead Messiahs C) What was the best thing you saw or heard on YOUTUBE this year? <3<3<3 D) What was your favourite Nightwish-moment of the year? I got my best boyfriend into Nightwish this year hehe. E) The best film you´ve watched this year? Amelie (yes, I'm late). F) What was the most delicious animal you´ve eaten this year and for veggies & vegans the most delicious vegetable? Eggplant yumyumyum K) Who would you vote Personality Of The Year (worldwide - can be anyone) personally? All those people who volunteered to help those in need: HEROES And my family, my favorite personalities every year. L) What´s the best place you did visit this year? Vovousa, Ioannina (looks kinda like Bosnia)
  7. Ann_argr

    Harry Potter!

    I watched Fantastic Beasts yesterday and... I am rather disappointed actually. Ok, first of all, I felt like there was no coherent plot throughout the movie. Every piece And, for the life of me, I can't stand Johnny Depp, whenever I see him. I can't see the character he' s playing, I just see Johnny Depp. I will watch it again on Wednesday, and I'll elaborate more. But my first impression was... meh.
  8. Ann_argr


    3 more: Ok, I am confused What is this all about?
  9. Ann_argr


    All of Seth's (singer of Septicflesh) covers are great <3 By the way, it's so nice hearing that voice of an angel again, after many years. The music scene needed him back so bad.
  10. Ann_argr


    The new album is great indeed! Fun and catchy as f**k! and great workout music as always My favorite songs are the singles, and Helix. Helix especially is fire! Agree By the way, does anyone feel that Dream could be a Delain song (especially the intro)?
  11. I agree with everything you said. I used to like them a lot some years ago, but they... lost me? The music is objectively nice, but the lyrics, oh, the lyrics, they make the music worse than it actually is.
  12. Ann_argr

    Songs You Are Currently Addicted To!

    Niiiice catch! I have never heard of them.
  13. Is this thread made especially for me? Because I do whine a lot. What's up with people actually liking Epica? If we ignore one good song they have, all the others sound exactly the same! Awful growls (yes, I said it), no sense of melody whatsoever (they've literally been playing only one bass line throughout their whole career) and long endless songs with no point at all. And on top of that? The lyrics. Sometimes I want to scream through my screen that THeY aRe NoT SmArTeR THaN mE. And the fact that they try sooo hard. Jesus.
  14. Ann_argr

    Decades World Tour 2018

    Wow @Ahasverus your review was great! I am happy you had a good time (+ you might be on the DVD )
  15. Ann_argr

    Leonard Cohen

    By the way, I have been listening to Hallelujah non stop, and I've come across so many beautiful covers. The ones that excite me the most are those sung in different languages. Italian: Arabic (towards the end): And Greek (it's not that good actually, but it was an honest try):